7 Gym Bag Essentials You Must Not Miss by Guradesh Mann

What are the important things he keeps in his gym bag? Aren’t you a curious cat? In this article you will get to know about the basic essentials of gym. Now stop peeping and start keeping in the bag!

7 Gym Bag Essentials You Must Not Miss by Guradesh Mann

If you are beginner, a gym bag helps prepare your mind for your workouts as well as keeps you a good company throughout. If you have been working out for a long time, you already know the benefits of having a gym essentials stocked gym bag with you. Nevertheless, a bag is all about being organized and well-prepared so that nothing hinders your momentum of exercise routine while you are sweating it out in the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you are a bodybuilder or just a fitness enthusiast, when you need things, you just need them otherwise you have to do without them with a little or more difficulty.

If you ask me, there are a few things which make an absolute gym essential for my gym bag. The accessories and the items may differ according to your personal needs and preferences. I am listing some of mine here for you:

1. Lifitng Straps

Think of it, you are doing deadlifts, shrugs, back and trap training, cable rows etc. and you don’t have lifting straps with you! This can be difficult for you, especially , for your grip and fingers. These weight lifting straps enhance your grip and reduce finger fatigue occurring from lifting hence, make a must for your gym bag.

2. Shaker

Carry your protein shake or coffee in it and if not that, plain water is not bad. I would recommend a good protein shake to pump up your workouts. They make handy fluid dispenser and mixer for all the gym freaks out there. It helps you keep hydrated in an interesting way indeed.

3. Log Book

A Workout Log Book makes a good workout partner for you which records the progress of your workouts day after day and keeps track of your progress. You can refer to it and tally your exercise routine, strategize and change them for good results in future too. Keeping a record of your progress improves your focus and concentration towards your fitness goals too.

4. Mobile Phone

Well, not only gym but I guess today everyone considers it an essential wherever they go. Gym is not an exception, knowing the fact that it can have a stock of your favorite workout playlists, can time your reps and pace with stopwatch in it and can keep you connected to the world when needed is another advantage of course. You just have to pay attention to its use to keep yourself more focused instead of getting carried away by it and taking your own pictures.

5. Theraband

This is a very important warming up tool for all the workouts which you do in the gym daily. Theraband when optimally utilized can boost your stamina, flexibility and range of motion apart from preparing your muscles for the upcoming workouts, increasing the blood flow in them. Carry them in your gym bag and experience the convenience in working out because of them.

6. Snack Box

Everyone who goes to gym and spend a considerable time over there know that body is like a machine and demands fuel to work better. However, carrying a snack box with you in gym means, carrying healthy and nutritious light food and it can be anything from protein bar to fresh fruits or dates. Remember ‘snack’ means small and light! However, if you are spending a longer time and preparing for competitions, you must carry post workout meal with you too.

7. Watch

Who doesn’t know the benefits of having your sports watch on while working out in the gym. It helps you keep pace of your workout, time them. It is more reliable and handy than phone. It goes without saying that a good watch makes you look good!

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