7 Exercises to Make Your Full-Body Workout Day

If you are looking forward to pump up muscles in your body, these 7 powerful exercises will help you build muscles, boost strength and increase stamina. Read further and spice up your routine!

7 Exercises to Make Your Full-Body Workout Day

Full-body workouts are a welcome break from regular muscle days. It activates your body together. Here, we are letting you know how to perform 7 impactful exercises, each focusing on a different muscle group in your body. Do not forget to do warm up stretches before doing any exercise.

1. Incline Dumbbell Press | Seated Row

Set your bench at incline angle of 45 degree for Incline Dumbbell Press. If you want to build and involve your shoulder more, you can increase the height of incline and if you want to involve your chest more, you should remain at lower height.When you push out, breathe out and breathe in when you go down, the breathing pattern should be like this for this exercise.

For performing seated row block your legs, grab the handles and keep your shoulders straight. Keep the back locked. Pull the weights towards your shoulder blades and hips altogether. Squeeze your back behind and then release it and maintain your breathing pattern, exhale when pull out and inhale when release it. 

2. Lat Pull Down

Lat Pull Down targets the upper body muscle the latissimus dorsi, and deltoids muscles. It also targets the biceps- biceps brachii and brachioradialis.

Few things you have to keep in mind while performing the exercise:

  • Pull the weight down in front your body not behind of your back
  • Elbow and shoulder position should be appropriate make sure you’re going to pull down the weights properly
  • Technically grip is very important to activate the targeted muscles so choose the grip (wide, narrow, medium, overhead or underhead) according to your target.

3. Hammer Curl

Hold the dumbbells in each of your hands in vertical position and bring them up, squeezing your bicep muscles. Breathe out as you squeeze, wait for a second at the point of maximum contraction and then bring the dumbbells down, breathing in. Avoid swinging your body or engaging any other muscle while doing this exercise.

4. Lying Dumbbell Extension

To begin with, lie on the floor and bend both your knees. Lift the dumbbells and keep your elbows straight. Bring the dumbbells down by bending your elbows. In order to increase the range of motion, bring the dumbbells at a level, lower than your forehead. Without moving your elbows from this position, push them in the upward direction. It means, you need to slowly lower the dumbbells and push them fast in upward direction. This will enable you to feel good contraction in your triceps. As soon as you complete 15 repetitions, you need to start another exercise of the superset, without taking any break.

5. Shoulder Press

Sit straight under the bar on the bench and hold the barbell, shoulder width apart. Now, bring it down breathing in until it touches your chest. Pause for a second and then again push it up till your hands are upright straight again as in the starting position. Exhale while you perform this movement. Repeat.

6. Hanging Leg Raises

This is an isolation exercise for hip muscles and abdominal muscles. Hanging from a bar with extended arms, you raise your legs parallel to the ground. It is more intense exercise than vertical leg raises. The movement is controlled by putting pressure on the hip muscles, and abdominal muscles and pressure is felt there. You have to keep your focus on the form and avoid dwindling while performing this exercise.

7. Front Squats

Use a classic grip or clean grip. With the barbell in position, place two of your fingertips under the bar just outside of your shoulders. Now drive your elbows up so your upper arms are parallel to the ground. Your arms should also be parallel to each other. This is the grip you will hold throughout the lift. Now, take a deep breath in, tighten your core and pull the shoulder blades down and back. Come down in a squat position, bend your knees and push your knees out to lower down. Breathe out while doing so. Continue until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Drive through your mid foot to push up your torso away from the ground back to the starting position carefully, breathing in.

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