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Introduction of 7 Days Home Workout

If you are not able to exercise because of lack of knowledge of what to do each day of week; If you lack time to exercise or workout in a gym, if for some reason you are confined indoors; this 7 days home workout routine by Rosie will help you get your fitness goal right at your home.

Rosie begins this video by introducing herself as a housewife and a fitness enthusiast who has brought a compact, effective workout routine to you which can help you lose fat, tone your muscles and gain strength. Every day workout regimen is different and targets a different set of muscles, or directed at a different purpose to make a wholesome home workout routine. Rosie explains day by day, what she is going to do each day.

Day 1: Total Body Workout – High intensity cardio workouts have been compiled into one regimen to kick-start the week at home. It works evenly on whole of your body and help you lose fat fast.

Day 2: Upper Body Workout – Mixed exercises comprising push-ups and some weighted exercises targeting your upper core.

Day 3: Core Strengthening Workout – The exercises focus on strengthening your core area which comprises the area from your chest to your stomach area to your lower belly region. It tones and strengthens that area as well as aligns it. A strong core forms the base for all the other strengthening exercises.

Day 4: Flow Yoga Cardio Workout – Flow yoga is not exactly yoga asanas but a version of cardio merged with yoga postures on a rather fast pace. It helps burn fat and gain overall strength plus alignment in your body.

Day 5: Lunges Workout – This workout gives strength and muscle definition to your leg muscles comprising inner thighs, outer thighs and glutes.

Day 6: Workout with Weights – With these set of workouts with dumbbells you come back to your upper body, working on the strength and muscles there using weights. If you don’t have weights or dumbbells, you can use water-filled water bottles as weights to perform these exercises. Upper body comprises arms, shoulders and all back muscles.

Day 7: Yoga to Relax Body – Seventh day of this home workout routine is dedicated to relax your muscles, and ease them out before beginning another cycle of routine workouts next week. Instead of taking full rest, yoga’s health benefits relax your worked out muscles over the week and release your built up mental and physical stress of day to day life.

Rosie has followed the above workout routine over a period of time and she says that she has benefitted from this routine a lot, especially, during the lockdown. Otherwise also, because she stays in Canada, 8-9 months people there can’t go out until necessary because of extreme cold climate. Home workout routine saves the day for her and keeps her fit and warm.

She says that week after week when you follow this routine of different set of exercises which includes different types of planks, lunges, push-ups, weighted exercises and yoga, it not only tones your body but also make you more muscular with strength. Combining yoga in her routine helped her get rid of her lower back pain and people who would do it as demonstrated will definitely notice relief from their stress related pains or lifestyle impacted pains over the period of time. Watch the whole video to know more about this unique and effective 7 Days Home Workout Routine by Rosie.

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