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6 Tips to Tackle the Great Binge

Like always, festive binge can interfere with your fitness goals. Well, being human it is important to celebrate with your taste-buds and not let the binge guilt set in. This article can help you in achieving this!

6 Tips to Tackle the Great Binge

Every year we come across this challenge but life is all about living to the fullest. Hence, we have to create a balance. Fitness is a lifestyle which can have its share of short breaks but not a hiatus until and unless there are major medical issues. Let’s look at it this way that we eat, bathe and brush daily as a routine, so we must exercise daily as well. Festivities or not festivities, this shouldn’t be halted for anything or anyone. Exercise may be replaced with other physical activities but it has to be there.

To cope with festive binge let’s follow the following steps and there will be no guilt destroying your enjoyment and celebrations.

1. Small portion is great mantra

Eat small portions of your favorite meals and keep yourselves filled in between with fibrous fruits and vegetables along with water intake. Having a full stomach helps you to eat less of sweets and savories while enjoying the taste to the fullest.

2. Physical activity

Keep moving throughout the day. Involve in festive activities like decorating, cleaning, on foot shopping and welcoming guests. This will not only let you enjoy the festive season to the fullest but will keep you in action while burning calories. Do not miss your one hour of morning workout or cardio to keep up your stamina and digest all your festive delights.

3. Replace sugar

In your sweets and savories replace sugar with natural healthy sweeteners like honey, jaggery, stevia and bananas. You can’t avoid what is coming in your gift boxes but your kitchen is in your hands, make best healthy use of it.

4. Switch to baked delicacies

Everyone is soaking oil in their dishes, you can change it in your kitchen by baking cookies, cakes, pan-cakes and making cooker halwas which require less grease and more taste. Even if you decide to do otherwise, remember to have small portions.

5. Detox after festivities

Invariably after a festival, detox your body with all the harmful fats. Take one week break from all fried food and sweets. Keep working out and keep up with your daily physical activity without break. This will help you get over your festive binge in 7 days! But that absolutely doesn’t mean that you are free to eat to the verge of falling ill in the festivals. So, mind it!

6. Balance with better choice

Creating a balance throughout the festive season is a tough task and almost everyone, gives in to the temptation. Give yourself time before picking up wrong choice from the table, count backwards from 10-1 as most of the time, temper management and temptation management works in a time window. When you take time to think it over, it is most likely that you will go for a better food choice!

We wish you very happy festivities! Enjoy and while being in best of your health and shape.

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