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6 Moves To Blow-Up Your Shoulders by Puneet Sandhu

This video focuses on how you can bring maximum out of your shoulder workouts without getting injured in a simple way. Puneet Sandhu is one of India’s favorite bodybuilding athletes and he shows it how he pumps his shoulders up his way here. Don’t miss the Action and of course, the Tips!

Puneet Sandhu, popularly referred to as ‘The Tank’ by his followers owing to his massively built physique and achievement status as a bodybuilding athlete in India. He starts by introducing himself as a Chandigarh guy. He has won Mr. Punjab at the state-level several times, has secured a position among top 3 in international bodybuilding contests and ended up in top 5 contestants in Sheru Classic at IHFF too.

Puneet Sandhu takes you on his ‘Shoulder Day’ ride. He believes in the pre-exhaust his delts. Pre-exhaust means to burn his delts right before the sets. Instead of warming up with compound movements, it always help more in working up the same muscles which you are going to workout on immediately after. That is what Puneet does and advices you to connect your energies and channelize them together to work on your muscles which are being exercised that day. Ultimately, this connection gives the shape of the result as you are looking for and not just the exercise.

He does the following powerful sets to pump-up his shoulders and shows you how he does it in them in this video and how you would benefit the most out of them:

1. Lateral Raise

Whenever you are doing your side lateral raises, it is important to pay attention to your position. Many people do it wrong and don’t know why it’s not that effective or why they get prone to injuries. The dumbbell should be held at slightly lower position than the elbow, then the elbow and then your shoulders. You must look in the mirror for the right position and then start the workout.

2. Front Raise

He does this with an easy rod or a zig-zag bar. He says that here also, it is important to keep you weights below, wrists downwards, then your elbows and then the shoulders. Maintain this position while performing. Because of this position, your shoulder muscles will get totally engaged and you won’t be lifting weight with any other part of the hand.

3. Shoulder Press

The crux is to put maximum pressure on the muscle which you are trying to train and that is the difference between doing a compound movement and doing a specialized advanced movement in the workout. Shoulder press he does on the Hammer Press machine. He says that machine does control most of the movement and gives you ample support but still you must keep your elbows and grip in same line to perform it. Shoulders must take a balanced pressure of the negative movement and don’t let the weight just fall on them. Control is important.

4. Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise

A very important and different tip that Puneet gives in performing this exercise is how to avoid jerk, injury and at the same time how to bring the maximum benefit on the shoulder muscle. He says that keep your head on the raised bench end after putting a hand-towel (to avoid germs), making a bridge out of your torso parallel to the ground in a standing position. Now, move the dumbbells to work up your shoulders. You will hit the right position, right muscle without jerks and sways. Your elbows and wrists should be in the same line.

5. Standing Military Press

This is done with a conventional barbell. Here also you are required to do it very steadily. Take the pressure on your shoulder. Negative movements should be controlled. Bring it to your chin, clear the chin and then take them back up. Don’t lock your hands up, just go for the 80% of the movement upwards as far as you can.

6. Shrugs

These seem easy to perform but are the most effective if done rightly. You are doing the conventional shrugs with the help of your shoulders only where no other movement of the hand goes except holding the weights handing in the end. When you shrug up, you must take pause there and time yourself to come down so that the maximum contraction is felt, your head automatically goes down in this process. It relaxes as your shoulder goes down.

Puneet Sandhu signs off with a light note after a session filled with his own experiential insights on shoulder workouts. Watch him in action in the above video and do leave a comment if you wish to communicate about it.

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