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6 Exercises to Build Strong Arms by Kavita Nandi

In this video coverage, Kavita Nandi demonstrates the right technique and form to let you know how to train your arms, particularly, using two of the major muscles – Biceps and Triceps. Watch the video as Kavita answers the most commonly asked question – ‘How can I Build Strong Arms?’

Biceps also known as Biceps Brachil is located at the front part of the upper arm, between the elbow and the shoulder. It functions with elbow flexion, the curling motion. Triceps muscles or Triceps Brachil is located at the back portion of the upper arm, between the elbow and the shoulder. It functions with the extension of the elbow. Now, as we know how the exercises work on this muscles pertaining to their flexion and extension, Kavita Nandi explains how you can train your biceps and triceps to grow them bigger and stronger with her technique.

She begins by letting you know that form and technique are very important while implementing any exercise movement. Once you warm up and can connect your mind to your muscles, you can proceed with the following 6 arm blasting exercises which will make them stronger, bigger and well-sculpted. Kavita stresses that beginners must not aim at lifting heavy weights all of a sudden, or start training with heavy weights because it is a myth that heavy weights grow your muscles, of course they have their impact but not to begin with. Right amount of flexion and extension tension in the muscles, make them grow steadily. Weights can be increased step by step as you start becoming comfortable with lighter weights, you can increase them slowly. She also stresses on taking care of hygiene while performing workout on benches by using towels at the back rest.

In the video, she demonstrates how to do the following 6 powerful bicep and tricep exercises.


1. Incline Dumbbell Curl (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

This exercise is done sitting on an incline bench and doing curling movements with the dumbbells in each of your hands. She says that before beginning you must hold the dumbbell firmly in vertical position taking the support of your thighs, and assume a comfort level, connecting to the workout and then take your hands sideways, bring the weights up, squeezing your arms, breathing out and holding a second before taking them down again. Don’t swing your body. The incline bench anyway leaves less scope of engagement of any other muscle while doing this exercise so it impacts the growth of your biceps in a positive way.

2. Hammer Curl (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

Hold the dumbbells in each of your hands in vertical position and bring them up, squeezing your bicep muscles. Breathe out as you squeeze, wait for a second at the point of maximum contraction and then bring the dumbbells down, breathing in. Avoid swinging your body or engaging any other muscle while doing this exercise.

3. One-Arm Dumbbell Curl (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

Again you have to use an incline bench for support here. At its back rest, according to your height and incline comfort you set it. Stand at the backside of bench and put one of your arms at the back rest, taking its full support for whole of your arm. Now bring the dumbbell up without involving your wrist, squeezing your bicep muscle, wait for some time and then bring the dumbbell down. This exercise has almost no scope of engaging any other muscle, hence, is very focused and beneficial for biceps growth and strength.


1. Tricep Dumbbell Kickback (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

This exercise can be done in a standing position, arching your torso a little further. You can use both of your hands for triceps extension or use them one by one. But you have to concentrate to keep your torso firm and not to swing while doing this workout. To avoid swinging movement, you can do one arm tricep dumbbell kickback by taking support of something in the front with the other hand. This exercise is very beneficial for women with fatty upper arms, this helps them tone down.

2. Skull Crushers (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

This exercise can be done with a barbell or a dumbbell. You have to see what you are comfortable training with. Kavita demonstrates it by using a set of dumbbells. She lies down on the flat bench with face-up and tells you to hold the weights up with elbow in line with the shoulder. Now, bring the weights down from the forearm (holding the weights vertically like you hold it in hammer curl) towards the side of your skull and then extend the triceps by taking the weights back up, making your arms perpendicular to your body, squeeze tricep muscles to the maximum and then repeat.

3. Dips Behind the Back (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

Sit on a flat bench, place your hands on the sides close to your hips holding the bench on the side. Your hands should be straight taking the bodyweight on it. Now, slide a little further placing your bottom off the bench and now you take dips, taking the weight pressure on your triceps only. Again you are using your elbows to bring the body down and then back up. Watch the video carefully for the right technique because it is ultimately the form and technique of each exercise that is going to give you maximum results.

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