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6-Day Ultimate Mass Gain Routine - Day 2 - Back

Episode 2 features 4 of your favorite athletes with experience and knowledge in muscle gain. They describe four different workouts which will ultimately result in building strong buffed up back and shoulders!

The exercises highlighted in Episode 2 of 6 Day Ultimate Mass Gain Routine are: T – Bar Row, Superset of close grip pulldown and seated row, bent over barbell row and Shrugs.

4 featured names in fitness are: Ranjeet Singh Ricky (Athlete), Pradee Bhatia (Celeb Trainer), Manoj Patil (IFBB Pro Athlete) and Kavita Nandi (Athlete).

1. T-Bar Row | 3 sets X 15 reps

In the beginning of the video, athlete Ranjeet Singh Ricky is demonstrating the exercise T – Bar row. He is explaining the whole procedure of doing it step by step. He starts it by positioning himself on the T – Bar row. The exercise requires proper form and technique as explained by Ranjit. Moreover, he is also explaining all the necessary parts of the equipment called T-bar row. This said exercise will directly help you in mass building and also in broadening your back and shoulders.

2. Superset: Close Grip Pulldown and Seated Row | 4 sets X 15 to 20 reps

Pradeep Bhatia, personal trainer by occupation with great knowledge and good experience in body building, he is describing how to perform close grip pulldown. The right process of doing an exercise can really give you stronger and bigger lats in less time.

One more exercise is performed by Pradeep - seated row. This workout activates your lats and rhomboids for impactful growth. Both workouts together form a powerful compound superset workout.

3. Bent Over Barbell Row | 4 sets X 10 to 15 reps

Manoj Patil performs Bent over barbell row. This exercise brings tremendous muscle growth benefits if done right. While doing this exercise your lower back and traps get activated and pumped. He is giving the tips to do the exercise smoothly while pointing the advantages of the exercise. The most important part of this exercise is to keep in mind the exact and correct way to lift the barbell so that it will not strain your muscles.

4. Shrugs | 3 sets X 15 reps

Last but not the least comes our woman athlete Kavita Nandi. She explains the benefits of Shrugs and how to perform it properly. This is more precision based targeted workout which gives an overall boost of strength to your shoulder muscles. She demonstrates different ways to perform shrugs by using different equipment. Here in this video, taking consideration of beginners she is using dumbbells to perform the exercise. This exercise helps in building mass in your shoulder area.

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