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6 Conditioning Exercises in MMA

Did you know that combat fighters or MMA fighters are one of the best conditioned athletes in the world. The intensity of combat, it continuous and one error can lead to loss of whole of the efforts. Common people also benefit from these conditioning exercises as it improves agility and final result of your fitness goals. Find out more in this article.

6 Conditioning Exercises in MMA

It is certain that the one who is reading this aspires to take his or her workout to the next level and finding out most effective ways to reach personal fitness goals. It is a known fact that combat fighters or MMA fighters are one of the best conditioned athletes in the world. The intensity of combat it continuous and one error can lead to loss of whole of the efforts.

Even if you are trained in the required skilled, if you do not have the strength and conditioning to make the most of your skills, you are practically of no use in the game at all. Power, agility, speed, explosiveness, strength and endurance require the backbone of ultimate physical conditioning.

Even if you are not an MMA athlete/fighter, this type of training has become popular among all types of fitness enthusiasts who look forward to improve their strength, power, agility, loose fat and build lean muscled body. I will list out some of the best conditioning exercises which I personally feel are good for everyone and will give you the maximum benefit without letting you lose your interest, given the fact that these exercises are basic and engaging for all your faculties at the same time.

The following 6 exercises will target your body fat, build your core and give you the benefit of conditioning exercises:

Running (HIIT)

Intervals of approximately 4 minutes are better for HIIT running on treadmill than short ones of 15 to 60 seconds. The right way to do it suggests to warm at least for 10 minutes. Intervals should be like 4 minutes fast (exercise) and 4 minutes slow (recovery). You have to repeat this 4 times to get a total of 16 minutes of fast running. In the recovery period, walk slower. Don’t just stop after running exercise clock, just continue walking or jogging to give a cool down. 

Ladder Drills

Ladder Drills are extremely beneficial full-body workout, good cardio and improves your agility, sharpness and reflexes measurably. They can be done in several ways, in ascending and descending motion: Single foot in each square, two feet in each square, Lateral Stepping (two feet in each square), Jumping Jack Feet (two feet jump together in each square and then jumping out),  In In Out Out, Lateral Carioca (grapevine as you move across the ladder, each side with right then left), Cross-Overs (one foot crosses front and steps in square, two feet step at the side and then repeat, keeping one foott in square and two at the side) , Icky Shuffle (two fee t step in the square, one foot to the side), Single Foot Hops, Side Shuffle (inside foot moves in and out of the box while the outside foot keeps pace with an alternate step), Walking Push-Ups (in each square as you move laterally down the ladder)

Draw the best from ladder drills by timing them and doing all of them one by one.


Like running, skipping also makes a wonderful and engaging conditioning exercise. Do it fast at timed intervals like you do running. You can add variations to skipping rope exercise but even if you are plainly doing the regular jump skip, it will give you the desired outcome.

Shadow Boxing

Stand against a wall and pretend to be boxing at an imaginary opponent. The name comes from punching your shadow and practice boxing. Start by assuming the correct stance and punch slowly for a minute. Switch your leading leg in between so that you are working out on both sides of your body. After this, punch into the air for 3 straight minutes at any speed. Switch arms into guard position and attack one alternating them. Dodges and drops will increase your heart rate and provide interest to your exercise.

Rope Climbing

Apart from being a super effective conditioning exercise, rope climbing works primarily on your biceps and secondary muscles it works on are shoulders, forearms, back and abdominals. So, it is a full-body exercise and requires practice and skills.

Grip the rope, one hand above the other, with the trail passing between your legs. Pull yourself up by bending at the elbows and at the top of the lift, reach up to the higher part of the rope (acting like a break). This will help you support your bodyweight and inch your way to the top.

Pad Work

Kicking and punching on boxing pads or bag - This exercise helps you improve defense and counter reflexes and strengthens them considerably. It also improves your footwork for the same. It makes an interesting cardio exercise as well. This is one of the best strength and conditioning exercise for the MMA fighters. Apart from conditioning combat fighters, it is good for enthusing power in your movements.

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