53 kg Unbelievable Transformation of Mawra Ishaque!

You will be shocked after reading her story that how depression made her to take miserable step!

I am Mawra Ishaque, 29 years old from Pune but I was brought up in Calcutta. I am, currently, working as the head of copy and strategy department with a branding agency and I’m also studying to be a fitness coach. 

Lifestyle plays a major role in our overall health and fitness. My previous lifestyle was immensely different and so unorganized as I ordered a lot of junk food, working for few hours and watching series while eating till 4 am in the morning. I wasn’t active at all and hadn’t seen the gym for years! But my current lifestyle is very active and I take note of every single thing I eat, 5 days of intense weight training and two days of solid cardio. I also try to run at least 10 kilometers twice a month. Nutrition is the most important element of training so I take care of it. I prepare all my meals in advance so that I don’t have to skip my meals. I rarely eat ‘junk’ but when I do eat, it’s strictly on cheat meal days.

I have always been obese but after numerous attempts at losing weight, I gained a lot of weight over the period of 20 years. My weight was not my main problem; I had a lot of mental and emotional issues. I had bulimia and comfort eating disorders. I battled with depression since I was 13 years old and even attempted suicide twice- the second was on my 25th birthday. That day I didn’t just decide to transform my body; but my entire life. I was not happy with my health so, I decided to transform. I went from being 115 kgs to 53 kgs. 

Convincing the mind and to get back to a normal weight range were the most difficult part for me. I knew I had to lose over 50 kgs and that thought was immensely daunting me when I stood on the scale and it flashed 114.9 kgs. At that point, I didn’t know a single person who had lost that much weight. It was a classic example of no light at the end of the tunnel. I started focusing on baby steps-kept smaller goals and focused on non-scale victories like fitting in an old dress, taking progress pictures and choosing a workout that I enjoyed.

The second most difficult part was to change the entire perception of fitness. Gym and diet for me had always been about weight loss. I was sent to the gym when I was 9 years old because I was overweight and since then I could only think of gym and diet in a strict and restrictive sense- it was all about eating the least and doing shit tons of cardio. I matured with my transformation journey and realized that it’s not about eating less; but eating right and it’s not about killing yourself with two hours of cardio but strengthening and conditioning your physical and mental being.

I do 5 days weight training, 2 days back and biceps and two days of chest, shoulder and triceps. I do cardio and abs one day and run 10 kms on Sundays. However I do change the split often, depending on my immediate goals.

I follow a high protein diet on most days and with some high carb refueling days. I’m trying to cut at the moment deficit per day. I maintain a 200-250 calorie deficit per day. I eat a lot of eggs, chicken, paneer, vegetables and recipes with whey protein such as protein pancakes, protein smoothies, etc.


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