5 Yoga Poses for Back Pain - Episode 3

In the episode 3 of series Yoga with Tanny, there are important yoga poses for your digestion system, your strong back, thighs and hips. Do them regularly as Tanny does and see their benefits!

Tanny explains right poses and right form of performing the same while demonstrating the listed asanas. While you follow her instructions, be updated of their benefits. Knowing about their benefits, your mind will be more willingly connected to the asanas and Yoga is all about mind and body balance. The equilibrium of the system eventually increases its strength.

1. Marjariasana

Also known as cat pose, this asana is great exercise for your spine. It strengthens it makes it flexible. It has great effect on your respiratory process as well as you constantly squeeze your lungs in and out to its maximum strength while performing this asanas. The digestive system is massaged and activated as well.

2. Ardha Pawanmuktasana

This asana helps to decrease obstinate fat deposits from thighs, buttocks and stomach. Helps release harmful gases locked in large intestine. It eases mental lethargy to enable the discharge of toxins from the body as well as carries the mental clearness.

3. Pawanmuktasana Variation

Pawanmuktasana variations done by Tanny also carry the same benefits but focuses more on gut health.

4. Ardha Bhujangasana

This asana improves circulation, posture, digestion, opens the chest and shoulders, lengthens the spine, increase spinal flexibility, strengthens lower back and strengthens shoulders. No doubt it is a great overall stretching exercises which has multiple health benefits.

5. Ustrasana Variation

This asana reduces fat on thighs, opens up the hips, stretching deep hip flexors. It strengthens and stretches the shoulders and back, expands the abdominal region, improving digestion and elimination. Not only this, it improves posture, improves respiration, loosens up the vertebrae and relieves lower back pain.

All the poses mentioned above also act as therapeutic exercises for your back and digestive system. Tanny performed the milder version asanas so that even the beginners can perform them comfortably as well. If you already have problems in back, avoid doing these exercises. Mild muscular pains, however, get relieved with these asanas and are not at all tough on them. A yoga instructor knows the right way of performing them and it is always advised that you pay attention to what Tanny says and carefully do the demonstrated asanas.

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