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5 Variations of Bicep Curl for Peaked Arm

Love to show-off the cuts and curls from the sleeves? Build muscled peaks up your sleeves with these 5 variations of bicep curls!

5 Variations of Bicep Curl for Peaked Arm

Do you love to show-off the cuts and curls from the sleeves? There is no doubt that the biceps and triceps grab the attention of most of the people.

Many people do many mistakes while doing bicep exercises, they train harder but not smarter. They injure themselves by lifting heavy weights but it is not necessary to lift heavy weights. Second common mistake is doing same exercise daily. It might prevent your muscles from growth.

Building the biceps gives an appealing look along with the strength that will help in lifting heavy weights, carrying heavy objects, etc.

Mostly people include bicep exercises in their workout routine. It is one of the best muscles to ‘show off’. Bicep is small group of muscles so it is easy to work on them.

The basic exercise to build biceps is bicep curls. Bicep Curl is best exercise to do for amazing biceps, if you want to do some experiment and make it more challenging and difficult then you can try different types of bicep curl exercises.

Variation can lead you to positive results so the variation of bicep curls as simple as change in wrist position.

 For now, we will discuss the variations of bicep curls and how these variations accomplish the workout.

1. Concentration Curl

If you are struggling to build bigger biceps then concentration curls can be the best option for you. Concentration curls helps in increasing the muscle size. It is proved that specific movement can give better results than other exercises.

Concentration curls involve lighter weights with reps. One of the biggest advantage of this exercise is to potential muscle growth.

It is not only helpful in building top biceps but also group of the muscles that involved in the concentration curl are biceps brachii, brachialis muscles, rectus abdominis, flexor digitorum, etc.

2. Hammer Curl

It strengthens your biceps and forearms while targeting the outer head of the biceps.Hammer curls are easy to perform it needs only one thing that is knowledge of how your arms should move.

Hammer curl compresses the biceps through a full range of motion. To engage the both sections of the forearms the hammer curl incorporates angle, proper wrist position and range of motion.

Hammer curls recruits the large three muscles on the front of your upper arm and hammer curl performed in the neutral grip and it results in activation of brachioradialis muscles and brachialis. The brachialis will help you to create a thicker arm. 

3. Cable Curl

The target of this exercise is the bicep brachii muscles. Brachii is the muscle that flexes the elbow and it also connects the scapula with the radius of the forearm. Brachialis and brachioradialis are the muscles that are involved while doing cable curl.

The shoulder and upper back muscles like the anterior, deltoid, trapezius and the levator scapulae come to play when perform cable curl.

4. Suspension Bicep Curl

As it names suggests itself this exercise offers the benefits to the biceps muscles but it also targets the shoulder and forearms at lesser degree.

It helps in eliminating the fat on the upper body and shoulders. Suspension bicep curl can be performed in many variations but the most used method is suspension.

5. Preacher Curl

You can perform preacher curl with a barbell or dumbbell, the target muscle of this exercise is brachialis. This exercise cannot be performed without the evolvement of some other muscles. The synergist and stabilizer muscles play an assisting role in the preacher curl.

There are two types of preacher curl machines: weight stack and free weight.

Preacher curl is an excellent resistance training exercise that helps you in getting rid of those flabby arms.

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