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5 Top Notch Supplements for Energy Boost

Energy drinks are not new to people. But the times have changed and so has changed the composition of energy drink. Energy doesn’t only mean surplus load of glucose! A healthy mix of ingredients is important for making up the loss which body undergoes during a strenuous physical exercise of any kind. Let’s look at our list of top five supplements for every boost in India.

5 Top Notch Supplements for Energy Boost

If you lead an active lifestyle, are an athlete or power performer at gym; you cannot do without instant energy boosters. You have to make up for lost electrolytes, energy and water during exercise by topping it up with right supplementation. The best energy booster would be one with a mix of muscle recovery nutrients, electrolytes, power and mass giving carbohydrates and of course which is easy on your guts and gets assimilated instantly inside your body for maximum results. Here, we have compiled a list of India’s top supplements for energy boost:

1. Healthfarm Range of Energy Boosters

This brand has not one or two but a range of products which act as energy boosters for people engaged in power sports or workouts. Healthfarm Reload Instant Energy consists of 250mg BCAA and 250mg glutamin. The combination is great for speedy muscle recovery, is a great immunity booster, plus gives instant energy apart from having added benefit of easy digestion. Healthfarm Power Carbs Instant Energy Formula has the added advantage of being loaded with carbohydrates. It is sugar-free, unflavored, quickly soluble smooth formula for instant energy which also helps you increase muscle mass. It is dubbed ‘king of energy’ as it is a performance booster drink, easy to digest, and it also induces good sleep.

Alongside the above two powerful energy boosters, Healthfarm also has instant energy products like No Mercy Liquid Pre-workout, Healthfarm Advance Caffeine Tablets and L-Citrullin. Choose your pick or make a 360 degree energy powered package for yourself, this brand has it all!

Muscleblaze Isotonic: This is an instant energy vegetarian formula drink with added 15g of dextrose. This sports drink helps maintain body glucose levels. 250mg of glutamine and 250mg of added BCAA help speed up recovery post workout and reduce muscle soreness. The formulation also contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and chloride that may help restore the electrolyte balance and eliminate fatigue.

XLR8 Isotonic: This is an isotonic anti-catabolic drink with a combination of carbohydrates, vital electrolytes and glutamine. 6% of carbohydrate formula ensures optimal hydration for endurance athletes. It contains dextrose for maximum glycogen uptake and immediate energy during the workout. It is topped up with sodium, potassium and magnesium as well. Glutamine inside it, is helpful in minimizing muscle breakdown.

Fast&Up Reload: This is again and instant fizz drink with the right balance of five essential minerals and electrolytes that includes sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chlorides plus vitamins. It claims to have 10 times lesser sugar than other hydration and energy drinks. Its are batches are tested in the USA. It is very helpful in replenishing lost electrolytes through sweat.

BodyFuelz Fast Charge: As the name suggests this drink is for instant recharge for your body. It is free from caffeine and has been created to replenish the loss of water that happens during sweating after a workout or a playing a sport. This drink is rich in vitamin C and covers well for lost nutrients.

Go ahead and take your pick from the instant power supplying supplements mentioned above. Every body’s needs are different and the choice can depend upon your particular need for energy. Bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes do need carbohydrate based energy packs while runners, track and field athletes might require more electrolyte top up. People into gymming also need regular and quick muscle recovery. One has to look into the requirement of energy as per the need of their body and routine.

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