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5 Top Notch Muscle Gaining Supplements for Winter Bulking

Are you confused as to what supplements you must take for healthy bulking in winters? Often, it is not one but a set of supplements when you have some serious fitness goals. Hence, the challenge here is to round off a package in one supplement that takes care of your nutrition like a pro. This article features our list of top five mass gainers in the country.

5 Top Notch Muscle Gaining Supplements for Winter Bulking

Onset of winters makes you conscious about fitness goals. It is the most apt time for bulking up and amass muscle in healthy proportions to shred up later. Most of the fitness lovers and bodybuilding people just eat anything but that can hamper the overall health and muscle doesn’t come with poor health or immunity. Therefore, let’s train our mind into healthy ways to bulk up. Apart from nutrition from food, focus is on getting right supplementation.

It is important for fitness enthusiasts to ensure that they are taking the appropriate supplements for effective muscle gain. Here, we are highlighting a of five top muscle gaining supplements to help you bulk up this winter. Gaining lean muscle mass requires an adequate intake of protein and carbohydrates, and supplementation is a great way to meet your body's needs. With that in mind, here we are mentioning a range of muscle gaining supplements to help you achieve your bulking goals. They are among the best in the country with quality, you can take our word on.

1. Hydro Gain (Healthfarm Nutririon)

Healthfarm Hydro Gain is a great way to increase your protein and carbohydrate intake. Healthfarm Nutrition's Hydro Gain is a whey protein isolate is high quality weight gainer and is a perfect pure vegetarian mass gaining supplement in India to fulfill your calorific requirements. It has the capacity to work wonders towards your muscle gain goals with 85g protein, 15g glutamine, 18g BCAA and 136g carbs, 46g leucine and zero grams of lactose; stabilizers and a mineral plus vitamin blend; and zero percent sugars. One of the tastiest mass gainers with flavors like chocolate gateau and strawberry banana, this satiates your health and taste alike.

There are other products from Healthfarm like Whey Protein, BCAA, Creatine Micronized and Glutamine; which can be taken in combination for healthy winter gains or they can act as a top up on Healthfarm Nutrition’s breakthrough mass gainer - Hydro Gain! After all, there is a reason why this supplement tops our list. This formula focuses on lean muscle mass gain and can be an all time partner for your fitness journey. Use it post workout or between meals to stack up your muscle mass and you shall know!

2. Lean Mass Gainer (Proathlix)

Proathlix high carb lean mass gainer with creatine and tribulus terrestris extract contains 60g of protein and 200g of carbohydrates per serving and makes a good proportion for a healthy lean mucle mass gain. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals for immunity support. Looking at the protein value, it stands second in our list of best mass gainers here. It is a tasty formula with choco caramel flavor. It can be a supplement partner for a regular intake for athletes, sports people and gym freaks who need to pack up extra mass for weight management, basically, to add bulk but don’t look like hulk!

3. Serious Mass from (Optimum Nutrition)

It is also a product suitable for vegetarians. A high calorie weight gainer, which is also high in protein. It contains 50g of protein and 250g of carbs per serving with vitamins, minerals, creatine and glutamine. This formula is high on carbs, comparing the proportion and hence, focuses on overall mass gain. People looking for heavy weight gain opt for Serious Mass to begin with. Serious Mass comes in chocolate flavor and this mass gainer includes other ingredients to aid muscle mass and is a decent mix of other supplements in one. However, it may not be suitable for all time intake and must be changed according to the fitness goal after gaining.

4. AMP Amplified Mass XXX (GNC)

This product provides an optimum balance of carbohydrates and fats. It helps improves training results and supports muscle protein synthesis which is a common and essential feature of mass gainers. It has zero sugar, is gluten free and easy to digest. It has 50g of protein and 125g of carbs, is vegetarian and comes in vanilla flavor. It is suitable for winter bulking but the formula is light on guts, given the proportion of carbs and protein, it is on lower side, compared to our top three mass gaining supplements.

5. Mass Tech (Muscletech)

Mass Tech Extreme 2000 is a five in one hardcore mass gainer for individuals aiming to put on extreme mass. It is basically high on carbs and stacks up your energy levels, has decent amount of protein for muscle build up and repair. This vegetarian mass gainer is little underrated looking at its proportions and creatine monohydrate blend in the ingredients. Per serving, it as comparatively lesser protein value than the list above at 30g, while carbs at a high of 232g. Depending on the requirement of your body and workout regimen, your choice of mass gainer shall differ. It comes in vanilla milkshake flavor.

These five supplements for mass gain top our list because of their unique and effective composition. We have put the one with highest protein values and adequate carbs values at the top along with healthy mix of vitamins and minerals. All the mass gainers above are a vegetarian and sugar free blend and the toppers are lactose free too. The importance is given to a healthy bulking, especially, for winters. The one with the most health benefits tops our list and others follow depending upon their ingredients, proportion and composition. The users opinion may defer our list but still, this list of mass gainers can give you a clear idea to take your pick according to your muscle mass gaining goals. Go ahead and match up!

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