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5 Top Best Body Transformations for Movies in Bollywood

There is a lot of sweat and unimaginable will-power which goes into making of ‘strong’ character in literal sense. This article features top 5 popular stars who nailed the look and feel and inspired many to be fit like them.

5 Top Best Body Transformations for Movies in Bollywood

Hrithik Roshan

He was a chubby kid but before entering into films, he worked on his physique and fitness like anything. He possesses a Greek God perfect body and flaunted the same ever since his first silver screen debut in ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’. He astonished everyone when he went from fit to flabby for his 2010 portrayal of a paralyzed magician. But he again got back to even more chiseled body for playing three separate characters in Krishh 3. He is indeed a fitness lover and promotes it in his businesses too apart from inspiring and flaunting his physique in his movies. He has trained with trainers of international fame like Kris Gethin.

Aamir Khan

Well no other craftsman can craft a body as suitable to the character he plays as Aamir does. He has shifted his form from one character to other in such a way that people are awestruck! In 2008, he worked his way to a herculean physique for playing an action hero in Ghajini. A year later, he again shed his muscles to resemble the character of 3 idiots. He then took his fitness level to another level when to come into the skin of the character he played in the film Dangal. He portrayed former Indian amateur wrestler and coach, Mahavir Singh Phogat. He was required to bulk upto 96 kg and was eating from samosas to brownies to every kind of bulking snacking. But what sent audience spinning their heads was the younger version of the character for which Aamir worked hard in the gym to produce his sculpted abs, peaked biceps and iron-plate chest! His daily routine consisted long daily hikes, which he followed in cycling, weight lifting, swimming  and tennis. Fitness Trainer Rahul Bhatt helped him in his transformation for Dangal as a trainer. Aamir said that he did this transformation without taking any so called muscle building ‘substances’.

John Abraham

John has always into fitness. In fact he once said, “I am pretty much an agnostic so my only religion is my body. I think there is nothing more important than health and workout and my aim is live and die in six-pack.” He always sports a muscular built by for his 2011 action film – The Force, he became astoundingly ripped. His evolution from ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ portrayal of the character of nerd to super muscular one was the talk of the town, he made it to covers of fitness magazines and did shirtless spreads in Maxim India the following year. While training for Force, the actor ate about 25 to 30 eggs a day. He also supplemented his diet by consuming whey protein shakes and bars.

Farhan Akhtar

Our list cannot be complete without inclusion of Farhan. In 2013, he got ripped beyond belief to portray the legendary sprinter Milkha Singh in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. To train for this role, the star underwent 13-month-ling program, which included working out with trainers like Samir Jaura and Merlwyn Crasto. He exercised for 5 to 6 hours a day and his routine included jogging, cycling, stretching and altitude training. Akhtar did 2500 to 3000 crunches daily, 300 squats, 100 calf raises as well as a combination of functional training which consisted of 10 rounds and 15 reps of pull-ups, push-ups, preacher curls, cable workouts and high-knees. He went for a liquid diet for three different period of his training. He stayed hydrated with water, coconut water, juices and fresh fruit salads.

Priyanka Chopra

She has been a fit and popular star right from the beginning when she won Miss World title and ventured into Bollywood as the lead actress. She has been evolving for her roles but the role which became most challenging in terms of body transformation was Mary Kom. She trained like a boxer for the movie and put into a lot of sweat into her physique as well as her acting. She is said to have undergone 45 days of rigorous strength training even when she traveled as she had her trainer traveling with her too. It is even said that the director made Priyanka stand against real life boxers to make the scene look real. Mary Kom starts her day by running a distance of 14 km followed by doing stretches and shadow boxing. In the evening she carries out strength training in the gym. An important part of a boxer’s training is brain – eye coordination along with use of strength and power. Mary has been doing it for several years and we can only imagine what Priyanka went through to prepare for her character!

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