5 Tips for Clean Bulking

Bulking is a topic on which we can find different ideologies and definitions. Here are the top five fundamental factors responsible for increase in muscle mass.

5 Tips for Clean Bulking

Firstly, definition of Bulk needs to be explained. Weighing scale, determines or encompasses combined weight of various components or tissues of the human body namely; Bone, Muscle, Fat, Water, Organs etc. With the word Bulk it relates to the muscle weight, muscle is what makes our joints move and is the basis of our physical existence or interaction with our environment. Everyone should have healthy muscle mass to ensure our physical independence i.e. ability to perform any physical activity independent of age. There are several basic and foundational factors responsible for increase in muscle mass and food is one of the most important factor. I will lay down those important factors followed by the top foods we can partake to increase the muscle mass or the “Bulk”. As only mentioning the food will not solve the purpose, everything is essential for that “Bulk” you are looking for.

1.Intense Resistance Training

It involves Structural and Unsupported Compound based movements only. In our day to day life, we always use our entire body to perform an activity and not compartmentalize it. Hence, doing movements which help us strengthen our entire structure is what I am talking about. Proper Scheduling of training plan, plays a significant role in recovery and growth.

2. Sleep

The most anabolic factor towards increase in muscle mass; which aids in appropriate rest and recovery for specific adaptation or growth to occur. A healthy sleep encompasses of 7-8 hour of sleep at a stretch.

3. Food

Each factor mentioned here has equal importance; one can’t be substituted for the other. Most enthusiast emphasize more on the training part not giving enough attention to nutrition, hence training time and effort gets wasted leading to minimal results. Right Fuel is what makes us grow or put on that Bulk. Below are the food sources to maximize your efforts towards gaining that strength of the bulk you have been longing for:

  • Eggs: One of the cheapest source of first class protein, having complete chain of amino acids conducive for muscle synthesis. Egg is a complete food, with an amazing nutrient profile encompassing Healthy Fats, Proteins and various Micro-Nutrients.
  • Red Meat: Mutton, Beef has abundance of high quality protein, fats and loaded with essential micro-nutrients. In fact, one can have a combination of Eggs and Red Meat for most optimal growth.
  • Whey Protein: Whey protein is a great source of first class protein; especially useful to accomplish immediate requirement of protein post workout, fulfill protein requirement for the one is unable to fulfill their protein requirement via solid food or especially for vegetarians.
  • Fish: Fish is another important source of first class protein. Especially for pescetarians (people who eat only fish or any other sea food), rich in nutrients or Omega 3 Fats.
  • Chicken: Chicken is another source of first class protein source, but I prefer consumption of red meat more as compared to Chicken. Nutrient Profile of Red Meat is much better than of a Chicken, for those who can afford and eat red meat should do so preferably.
  • Paneer/Cottage Cheese: This is a great source of first class protein especially for vegetarians, though most people are intolerant of lactose component of paneer causing indigestibility issues with many. Pure Vegetarians can fulfill their protein intake with sufficient quantity of paneer and whey protein.
  • Healthy Fats: Above foods namely; Eggs, Red Meat, Fish, Paneer or Cottage Cheese encompass intake of healthy fats. Unlike what people tell you about fat, below are the certain benefits to consuming healthy fats in your daily regime:
    1. Formation of Sex Hormones. Eg. Testosterone, very important for that bulk
    2. Anti-Inflammatory
    3. Formation of Cellular Membrane etc.
    4. For Fat Soluble Vitamin functions like Vitamin A, D, E and K.

4. Insulin Optimization

Insulin is an anabolic hormone, it can be anabolic to muscle cells or the fat cells. Food has a profound effect on hormones. Eating correct food can optimize the usage of Insulin towards gaining that muscle mass and least spilling over of it towards fat gain. Insulin can be raised via high intake of protein whilst consumption of sufficient amount of protein for muscle protein synthesis and Insulin optimization OR via sufficient amount of carbohydrates for Insulin Optimization sufficient for help towards muscle synthesis via Protein and not copious amount of it, to make it spill over being anabolic to the fat tissue.

5. Gut Health

The food we eat passes through our GI Tract, before being passed on to our entire body. Gut becomes food’s interface between the food and rest of the body. What we eat is digested here and passed on to the entire body. Doesn’t matter how much protein or fats one takes, if gut is unhealthy nothing works well. Optimal Health of Gut is essential for you to get that Bulk. More on this later.

Above mentioned factors lay down the basics for the increase of muscle mass or the Bulk. The whole idea to share this with you is that before investing your money on anything that market has to offer, make sure above factors are optimized from your side. Above factors makes the basis of optimizing your genetic potential for that maximum Bulk or Goal Optimization. Every Human Being varies in terms of their genetic potential; we can optimize our genetics by following science hence different people will have varied results basis their genetic potential. Unless your bases are covered, you are bound to lose out to see what you could actually achieve. Best is to seek what you can achieve, rather than trying to be someone else. You, yourself are the best creation in itself by Nature, it is your right to see what you are capable of. Follow the above bases and see for yourself. Give it time, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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