5 Reasons Why Music is Magic for Your Workouts

There can be absolutely no reason to listen to music, it has become a part of everybody’s life but when it comes to workout, once you know what benefits it can bring to you, we bet you won’t leave your headphones at home next time you will go to gym! Read to know more.

5 Reasons Why Music is Magic for Your Workouts

How often than not have we put on an ear-plug before braving another run or hike in the morning. How often have we seen people absorbed in their favorite music oozing out from their iPods, while they are exercising. Not to mention the gyms belting high-intensity mosaic to pump up your nerves more towards your daily goals.

The therapeutic and distracting effects of music have been long debated upon in the fitness industry. But this ‘distraction’ is indeed good and helps you keep company with yourself longer with sustained efforts. Let us see how good music lifts you up while doing workouts:

  1. Research has time and again stated that music distracts athletes from their bodily awareness or if we are getting it right, it distracts from pain. According to the more recent studies, not only listening but controlling and creating music have even stronger effect at one’s pace during the workout. Such a distraction where participants are less aware of their exertion can benefit athletic performance by up to 15 per cent. It is perceived that faster the music, better the performance.
  1. A study dated back to 2010, states that cyclists delivered better results listening to fast paced music instead of slow paced ones. But too fast doesn’t have the same effect. Songs between 120 to 140 beats per minute have the maximum effect on moderate exercisers.
  1. Since we associate several songs with our memories and feelings, music acts as a catalyst to put us into the right mood for the exercising and giving it our best. The motivational effect of bringing back a good time, good feeling and mood acts upon our performance and our output improves as we listen and exercise.
  1. The rhythm of our workout selection songs, helps us in keeping our pace steady as required for the workout, thereby aiding the self-paced exercises like running and weight-lifting. Keeping a steady pace is much easier than fluctuating through our exercise sessions. The music helps your brain want to move and you can’t help but working out more and concentrating more.
  1. A 2013 study indicates that music helps lift up the mood and find self-awareness. The study participants have stated that listening to music has helped them think about themselves and focus on their priorities. Music can help you escape the negativity you encountered a few minutes back and that too easily. After the workout and music session together, it is rather rewarding experience for people.

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