5 Major Myths on Carbs

Bindu Bajaj, a nutritionist, wellness consultant and a yoga exponent specializing in weight-loss, weight management and lifestyle disorders at bodyandstrength.com busts major myths on carbs. What people have been believing and how their misbelief is killing their chances of creating a balanced lifestyle and a healthy body? Watch this video to know it All!

Myth # 1: All Carbs are the Same

Absolutely wrong! There are two types of carbs: Simple carbs and Complex carbs. Simple carbs are found in white sugar and refined flour (maida). They are not easily digestible by the body and hence, makes absorption difficult. On the other side, complex carbs are a blend of starch and fiber. It also takes a lot of time to get assimilated in the system but are very beneficial. So, it is basically choice of quantity and quality of carbs that makes a difference.

Myth # 2: Do We Cut Bread and Pasta

There is no need to cut on bread and pasta because it is basically the choice of carbs you are having at one time. If you are cutting on the portion, you are also cutting down on other nutrients with it. So, it is important to have whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta instead.

Myth # 3: Fruits are Not Healthy

As a fitness enthusiast, Bindu stresses that she has seen people in fitness cutting down on fruits because they think that they are sweet and have sugar. She said that this is major misconception and people are not only cutting down on fruit, they are cutting down on needed vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, the likes of which are not found any other source. Moreover, fruits regulate digestion and hunger pangs, keep you filled in between meals. They actually help you strike the healthy balance and even lose weight. Have them as much as possible!

Myth # 4: Carbs make You Fat

Carbs only make you fat when you over-eat them because they sometimes tend to lift up your mood. If you are eating complex carbs, taking balanced portions of the same and managing the time of the day, when you are consuming them – in between the meals throughout the day or late at night? All this regulates your health and carbs in decent quantity are really important if you are working out daily. It helps in losing weight.

Myth # 5: Low-Carb Diet is Good

Bindu feels that low-carb diet is not at all good and healthy because it hampers your physical and mental performance which is really critical for your overall health. If you go low on carbs, you will be devoid of minerals, vitamins and proper nutrition in your system. You go low on energy and feel irritated all the time. Cutting them for a long time, will generate hunger pangs and you will go back to over-eating carbs which will again trip you off-balance making you gain weight. Hence, maintain a normal intake of carbs on a daily basis, don’t go stingy on it, make a comfortably digestive portion of carbs for yourself and relish it because it will help you build up energy to carry a healthy and fit day out.

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