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5 Instagram Hacks for Fitness Professionals

The article gives you smart hacks to get your Instagram ringing. If you really want your Instagram to do business for you, you must go through this write-up by Mrinalini. She unravels some quintessential hacks which can help you build an impressive profile. Read further to know more.

5 Instagram Hacks for Fitness Professionals

Advertising! Isn’t that what social media has become about? Obviously, in a good way because you get to reach potential customers while making people aware about your business. But you need not worry about spending on advertisements as these hacks are cost free, a little time consuming but in the end the results are worth it.  It is not something in which you will need expert advice, or you will have to put your self through google pages to figure out ‘how to do this thing?’ So, let’s begin!

1. Get a Theme

You have got to select and stick to a theme. Yes, you heard it right, a theme. Theme on social media is more like a uniform for your brand. Starting with sticking to one color, whether it is your font or your design that you have made for a post stick to one color so that when it pops up on Instagram people instantly know it as your brand, for example Vodafone the brand has a red and white combination. When you see their logo or their artwork you know without the name it is Vodafone. The second part to this section follows your expertise whether it is ‘before and after effect images’ or ‘corrective posture images’ you have got to follow a theme so that people are aware of you as a brand you perform these things and you are the master of this particular art. This can also make you highlight your theme, someone approaches you by looking at pictures of your Instagram profile, asking are these your expertise or what is your expertise area then you can right away shine with your theme whether you are a posture correction master or a before and after results master.

2. Profile Building on the Theme

if you are new to Instagram it is very important for you to at least have 15 – 25 images based on your theme to showcase your talent as a personal trainer. Because if you want to share your profile and flaunt your certifications you have got to show people the results from which they will eventually be inspired and come to you for the same. Even if you are not new on Instagram same thing has to follow because honestly you spent a lot of time studying and giving results why not show it off a little?

3. Time of the Post Matters:

Time Zone is the main game player in your Instagram being famous (yes, you heard it right) because honestly, it is useless if you are posting something awesome and your audience is sleeping to even notice it. Let’s take India for example if you are focusing on people in India you need to go by the Indian time that isIndia Standard Time: Time zone in India (GMT+5:30)

4. Factors Behind Building your Engagement:

What you post – content, image or quote quality

When you post – what time of day it is where your target market resides

What day you post – Mondays are usually busy days people getting their lives together after break on weekend, but Fridays to Sunday engagement turns out to be good. Oh! And holidays don’t forget them. These may vary according to your time zone and holidays

How often you post – if you post only once or twice per week, your followers may not build affinity to your account.Ideally you want to post 1-3 times per day to gain some interaction and have your followers see your posts often in their feed.

Be consistent in your posting as above point mentioned.

5. Don’t Forget those Hashtags:

We all know how important hashtags are, if you haven’t been using hashtags or you do not know what they are it is about time you get your story straight with them because these hashtags are your best friend in the method of making your page into a brand. The more the merrier few popular hashtags for you:


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