5 Foods that can Combat Deadly Coronavirus

This article lists out 5 powerful food items that can be of great help to increase your body’s defense system against COVID-19 threat. Add them to your diet and strengthen your immune system because till you have no cure, only thing working is prevention!

5 Foods that can Combat Deadly Coronavirus

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is posing an imminent danger to humanity. This global pandemic has taken almost entire world in its grip. People all over the world are eagerly waiting for a proven remedy or vaccine that could either restrict the growth of this virus or completely eradicate it. As long as there is no proven remedy for eliminating this deadly virus, people can adopt several precautionary measures. One of the most important measures is the intake of immunity boosting food items that can keep our body strong by strengthening our immune system.

As we all know that our immune system has the ability to defend our body against pathogens. It is therefore important to include those food items in our meal that can enhance the defense mechanism of our body. Let’s have a closer look at some extremely healthy food that acts as a protective shield for people of all ages, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric has lots of health benefit. It has been used since ancient times in Indian households. It is very beneficial due to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and even anti-viral properties. It stimulates our immune system. That is the main reason why we are advised by our elders to consume a glass of turmeric milk daily.

2. Garlic

Garlic is a natural anti-virus food item with plenty of advantages for health. It boosts immunity and protects us from various pathogens. It has anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties that can provide protection against infections. It is widely used in Indian household to add flavor to the food. Due to its medicinal benefits it has become an important part of Indian food.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is a storehouse of nutrients. It is a good source of vitamin C that is very essential for our body. That is the reason broccoli enhances the immune function and prevents various infectious diseases. It is best when eaten raw. It is also an excellent source of powerful anti-oxidant, lutein. The popularity of broccoli has grown immensely in the recent times due to its abundant health benefits.

4. Yogurt:

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, use of hand sanitizer to get rid of bacteria and other germs, has become quite common. But there are some good bacteria as well that builds immunity. Consuming yogurt helps in the formation of good bacteria in our body. Yogurt is considered as a natural probiotic that is extremely important for a good immune system. It is also packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

5. Spinach

Spinach is a rich source of nutrients. It is a green leafy vegetable with lots of fiber. As it is loaded with vitamin C and anti-oxidants, it boosts our immune system. Therefore, it keeps our body safe from lots of disease-causing germs. It is advised to eat it raw in order to keep the nutrients intact.

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