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5 Eye Health Hacks – by Deep Gill

In the times when technology is proving to be a boon to humanity, and when we are spending our job hours, personal work hours and recreation hours – all on phone or laptop, how do we protect our eyes? This article by Deep Gill answers this question.

5 Eye Health Hacks – by Deep Gill

Due to the lockdown, wehave all been glued to gadgets for long hours each day for the past couple of weeks. Because my business is online, I am used to working on screens, but in the past few weeks, even my screen time has increased dramatically. That is because right now, it is the only way to catch up with friends, do workout classes, have meetings and of course entertainment. Right now technology has truly been a blessing in keeping us all connected with each other, but at the same time this amount of screen time can take a toll on our eyes and leave them feeling dry and strained.

Here are my top 5 Eye Health Hacks that will help you take care of your eyes during the lockdown:

1. Blink and Look Away

When we work on our gadgets, our eyes get strained because we often forget to blink. This is one of the reasons our eyes can get really dry and red after a few hours of screen time. Making sure to blink and look away from the screen every few minutes can help relax your eyes and take some strain off them.

2. Eye Drops

A mild preservative-free eye drop formula can help restore moisture and provide soothing relief for your eyes. You can use it at night before you sleep or use it up to four times a day if needed.

3. Anti-glare Glasses

If you happen to have a pair of anti-glare glasses, these can be a life saver. They help protect your eyes from the blue light while you use your gadgets.

4. Nutrition

The way we eat has a huge impact on not only our health but our eyes as well. I suggest everyone to eat clean by adding lots of fruit and vegetables, cut out processed foods and refined sugar, and drink lots of water each day. Nutrients like zeaxanthin, lutein, vitamin C, vitamin A and omega-3 fats are amazing for the long term health of your eyes as they help protect the eye retina from UV and blue light damage. Foods that are high in these nutrients are - red grapes, egg yolks, sweet corn, flaxseed and fish. Alternatively, you could use high quality supplements that contain these nutrients.

5. Blue Light Filter

You can turn on the blue light filter on your phones and laptops to take some strain off. These days most laptops and phones have this option in the settings. Blue light can greatly impact our sleep pattern which in turn doesn’t allow the eyes to rest properly at night. The blue light filter can help take some of the pressure off your eyes and assist in better sleep at night, thereby helping your eyes relax.

Bonus Tip: Have a technology-free day each week where you stay away from your gadgets and spend time with your family the old-fashioned way.

Let’s make this lockdown an opportunity to have deeper connections with our families. I hope you have a fabulous week!

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