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5 Exercises To Peak Your Biceps - Bharat Singh Walia

Bharat Singh Walia shares with bodyandstrength.com, how you can build biceps like he does. How does he train his arms and what’s his understanding of exercises pertaining to hypertrophy.

He is 21-year-old Muscle Mania Pro (2017) and has been into fitness industry from past 7 years, he states that he started working out at a very young age. He does a quick wind up of what he is going to demonstrate in this coverage and also, brings forth a different well-planned workout for peaking up your biceps.

After you have warmed up, you can hit these exercises and feel the worked-up muscles up your sleeves! While watching the video and learning from it, the most important part is the technique with which you keep the focus on a particular muscle. Here are the exercises Bharat demonstrates for you in the video above.

1. Giant Set - 3 Sets X 21 Reps (7, 7, 7)

a. Wide Grip Barbell Curl

Bharat asked to pay attention on training technique, whenever you take weights away from gravity, you have to breathe out and breathe in again through nose when you come closer to gravity that is bringing the weight down.

b. Shoulder-Width Grip Barbell Curl

In this version, along with the technique it is important to pay attention to your wrist which will be bent a little as shown in the video so that pressure comes on your bicep muscles and not on your forearms.

c. Narrow Grip Barbell Curl

You will be doing 7 reps of each exercise one by one without taking a break. The close-grip or narrow grip barbell curl will be performed for 7 reps at the end of the set and by this time, you will feel maximum pump in your biceps.

2. Superset–3 Sets X 10-15 Reps each

a. Incline Dumbbell Curl

You have to take care that you keep the elbows behind as positioned in the video otherwise it will be of no use to use an incline bench. You have to feel every rep and then bring the weights up. Keep the breathing technique in place as told earlier. Also while bringing the weights up squeeze you fingers so that the tension in your biceps is firmly maintained.

b. Preacher Curl

Bharat does single arm preacher curl on the same incline bench with the same set of dumbbells. Here also your posture should be maintained firm and concentration should be on curling your biceps, feeling the maximum contraction when you take the weights up.

3. Superset – 3 Sets X 10-15 Reps each

a. High Cable Curl

Set the cable high and while pulling it towards your body you have to make sure that your elbows are placed a little above your shoulders otherwise either your shoulder will get engaged or your lats. Here, you have to concentrate on your biceps and keeping the elbows up will ensure that.

b. Concentration Curl

You have to pair high cable curl in this superset with concentration curl which you will perform while standing. You have to make sure that your arms are at the inside of your thighs. It is important to keep the tension focused on the biceps and for that feeling each rep is as important while breath

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