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5 Blood Donation Myth Busting Facts by Nutan Khimasiya

There are some of you who are scared of donating blood because of the prevalent myths around this noble deed. Some just shy away citing those myths too. Time to bust all the myths on the counter, and prepare for donating life giving blood with Nutan Khimasiya.

5 Blood Donation Myth Busting Facts by Nutan Khimasiya

Myth 1: Donating blood is painful.

Fact: The only time you may feel a pinch is when a needle will be inserted in your blood vessel. That’s it! You don’t have to fret over some imaginary pain securing the fact that you are in expert hands when it comes blood donation. If you still have any apprehensions, talk to the medical team working on it. Most of them know how to prepare you for the blood donation, keeping your mind occupied and sometimes, you don’t even realize when the needle is inserted. 

Myth 2: Blood donation can have bad effects on your body.

Fact: Donating blood benefits your body in many ways and it does not have any bad impact. It regulates the level of iron in the body and prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood. As a result, your risk of developing a heart attack or liver damage is reduced. Also, your body starts producing new blood cells faster post blood donation. This is a good way to stay healthier. It is only for the time being that you feel a little weak post blood donation and that is taken care of with some instant glucose energy with fruit juices and cookies, most of the blood donation camps help you with immediate refreshments before you head out of the camp. They make sure that you feel good after you have donated the blood instead of otherwise. 

Myth 3: You become obese after donating blood.

Fact:This is one of the most ridiculous excuses or scares related blood donation! Well, blood donation is not associated with weight gain at all. Your body weight remains unchanged after donating blood. In fact, the new cycle of blood in your body is the best time to start exercising and gain good health and fitness points for yourself in future.

Myth 4: If you are a vegetarian, you should not donate blood.

Fact: Vegetarians are usually believed to have low levels of iron in their bodies due to their eating habits. People have a misconception that a vegetarian diet does not have enough of iron-containing food. Well, there is an array of vegetarian food items that are loaded with this minerals. So, being a vegetarian or non-vegetarian do not decide if you can donate blood. In fact, there are many non-vegetarians who have not been eating adequately and have been diagnosed to be anemic because of iron deficiency.

Myth 5: I have a tattoo, I can’t donate blood.

Fact: If you got inked with a sterile needle, and the tattoo artists follows medical safety guidelines, you are good to donate blood immediately. But if this is not the case or there are doubts, you are required to wait for a deferral period of only 3 months after getting the tattoo and after this, you can again donate blood and save lives! There is absolutely no way that you cannot donate blood if you have a tattoo, even tattoo artists donate blood and waiting for 3 months is not a lifetime after all.

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