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4 Workout for Building your Biceps - Day 3 - Biceps

Episode 3 features 4 of your favorite athletes with experience and knowledge in muscle gain. They describe four different workouts which will ultimately result in building strong biceps.Gear up to ace the techniques and tips to workout for bicep building.

The exercises highlighted in Episode 3 of 6 Day Ultimate Mass Gain Routine are:

  • Barbell Curl |Giant set including wide curl, shoulder grip curl and close grip curl
  • One – arm Dumbbell curl
  • Preacher Curl
  • Hammer Curl

Four featured names in fitness are: Bharat Singh Walia (Athlete), Kavita Nandi (Athlete), Manoj Patil (IFBB Pro Athlete) and Junaid Kaliwala (Athlete)

1. Barbell Curl |Giant set 3 sets × 21 (7,7,7)

In the beginning of the video, athlete Bharat Singh Walia is demonstrating 3 different kinds of biceps curl with Barbell. The first one is wide curl which he is doing till 7 reps. Side by side he is giving tips about how breathing technique should be done. The second one is shoulder grip by engaging biceps and at last the close grip curl. These barbell curl will help you in mass building in your biceps.

2. One – arm Dumbbell curl | 3 sets × 15-20 reps

Kavita Nandi then comes and demonstrate single - arm inclined dumbbell curl. She explains how you can do this exercise without using many dumbbells in minimum area required. This exercise is done train biceps. She also tells that while doing the exercise you should engage your biceps in it not wrist. With the continuous exercise you may see the desired result in bicep mass building.

3. Preacher Curl| 4 sets X 10 to 15 reps

Manoj Patil performs preacher curl. This exercise brings tremendous muscle growth benefits in biceps area if done right. He shares his good experience with preacher curl and recommend everyone to do it if they want to gain muscle over their biceps. The best part about this exercise is that your whole body is at rest but your biceps are engaged in it which gives extra benefit to your biceps. He suggests to add this exercise in your workout for better result.

4. Hammer Curl | 5 sets X 12-15 reps

Lastly comes athlete Junaid Kaliwala to show how hammer curl should be done. He is doing Hammer curl using cable wire which is very interesting and unique. Because it is done using cable, this exercise is called ‘Rope Hammer Curl’. This exercise involves percaline mussels. In the video he is demonstrating the right way how you should keep your hands. And as well as the right posture is important to get the desired results.

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