4 Times Mr J&K, Men's Physique Athlete - Akshat Gupta

This athlete coverage features Akshat Gupta, a 27-year-old entrepreneur and bodybuilding athlete who has won several on-stage competitions from the state of J&K. He reveals his workout schedule, time-management and meal management secrets here.

4 Times Mr J&K, Men's Physique Athlete - Akshat Gupta

I am Akshat Gupta, an entrepreneur, influencer, manager and a fitness athlete. I did my schooling from Jammu and graduated from Himachal before coming back to Jammu again live my goals.

I am 27-year-old and right now professionally engaged as a Manager (HOD) in Hotel Lemon tree, Jammu. Apart from that I am working as a Fitness Consultant in Army. I represent both Men’s physique and bodybuilding categories when I compete on stage as an athlete.

There are different colours to my work whether as a manager, fitness consultant or an athlete; there are some things I do for a living sincerely and there are some things which make me live all through it with passion – Fitness is one of them.

There is no success story which hasn’t come so far without taking over challenges. There have been my share of challenges in whatever small or big achievements I could make in my life till now. One of them is that due to an internal injury, I still have a plate in my biceps, and hence, I need to take a lot of precautions during each workout session every day.

I decided to transform my life and my body when I met with a bike accident in the year 2010. Giving up is not an option for me so I have to live through it and grow through it all so that I was able to stand up stronger again and able to give direction to my passion for fitness and bodybuilding.

Another hard task which most of the people face is how to manage time for their fitness dreams, when they are already involved with so much of daily routine work, and office work. The situation is no different for me. The secret, however, lies in making the most of what time you have and operate according to your pre-set time-table most of the times.

I wake up at 4:30 AM daily, this saves me hell lot of time in the coming up grind. I do this to prepare my meals for the day. Some of the meals, I make in my office with the help of the Chef, given that I have that advantage of working in a hotel. Other people have to plan things in advance and look for healthier options in food wherever they are. Nutrition makes the most of your body Iand muscle and only workout doesn’t suffice at all, hence, time management must have your meals planned in advance so that you are sorted for the day. Who knows is better than an athlete. Rest of the day you can go for your workouts once or twice a day before and after work. I go to bed at 10PM.

Workout Schedule

  • 5 Days a Week: Strength Training
  • 1 Day a Week: Cardio Exercises

Basic Diet

30 egg whites, a lot of white rice, salads, green veggies, 250g chicken breast/fish in a day


  • Mr J&K 2014 – 15 -16 -17 (Gold Medal) in Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique
  • Placed in Top 10 Senior 4 times
  • Men’s Physique National Champion

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