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4 Indispensable Suspension Workouts by Manish Ruhail

Did you know that suspension belts give support as well as render constant tension to the muscles which remains throughout the workout! This property of suspension makes it more effective and easier to perform. The article tells you how to perform 4 of the most power-packed workouts on suspension.

4 Indispensable Suspension Workouts by Manish Ruhail

Suspension based exercises have become popular because of the support they give and the constant tension they render to the muscles which remain throughout the workout. Suspension belts make otherwise difficult stretches easier and doable. People who need a change from lifting weights, suspension puts a variant pressure on the muscles which yield similar workout results. Apart from that, it improves focus, balance, body alignment and posture. If you wish to do exercise without anyone else’s support, suspension belts help you in doing it right. If on the face value, you thought that suspended workouts are easy then let us tell you that they are a lot harder than what you have been expecting. You have to use them in the correct way to gain maximum from them.  

It becomes all the more better when an expert guides you to perform targeted workouts on suspension. I personally prefer suspended workouts because of all its listed benefits moreover it is a welcome change from regular ones. I am sharing with you this special exercise pattern which I follow to earn that body and build that strength. All those who are fond of suspended workouts and all those who haven’t yet done them must follow this workout fused with vigor. Do 4 to 5 sets with 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise. I need to tell you that it is not a one day wonder and you have to be regular in any workout plan you take up to reach your fitness goal.

Jump Squats

I always aim at optimally utilizing my potential with any workout I do in the right way. Let’s start with Jump Squats which improve lower body power, legs’ endurance, squat mechanics and is an efficient way to perform full range squat. Stand facing the point of suspension, far enough so that you hold the handles down and a few inches in front of your waist, there is tension in the straps. Keep the handles in place, squat down and back, bending the elbows to keep the handles in place. Jump up while pressing the handles down, putting forward the arm through the elbows, contract the triceps. While coming back, land toes first, put the weight back to the heels, squatting back and bending the elbows. Jump again.

Single Leg Lunge

Next exercise is Single Leg Lunge with Suspension. It improves single leg endurance, improves balance, improves upper and lower extremity coordination, strengthens and tones glutes. Take a step forward and place the rear foot joined to suspension belt. Keep the back straight and engage the core. Lunge with the front leg, under control – as you do so, bend the hips, not the spine; use the arms to balance, if needed. Repeat.

Suspension Hamstring Curls

Third in the series is Suspension Hamstring Curls. This is beneficial for improved hamstring endurance, strengthened glutes, improved core stability and a great way to isolate hamstring on your own body weight. Lie on your back in front of suspension straps adjusted in between 12 to 18 inches from the floor. Strap your feet, and then push down to raise your hips from the ground. Make it a point to keep the body straight, extending your knees. This is where you start. Now, flex the knees, draw the feet to your glutes. Take a pause at the limit of the contraction. Return to the original position, slowly.

Suspended Pistol Squat

Suspended pistol squat is the last exercise in the series. It improves single leg endurance, is easy to perform for the beginners, improves balance, suspension trainer allows to keep spine in neutral position, hence is safer. Stand facing a suspension trainer and hold the handles with a light, neutral grip.

Lift up one leg, pointing in front of the body. While balancing, maintain alignment and distribute your weight evenly through the middle of the grounded foot. Squat down on one leg, until squatting leg is parallel to the floor. Push back up to the original position. Repeat.

Jump Squats 4 15
Single Leg Lunge 4 15
Suspension Hamstring Curls 5 12
Suspended Pistol Squats 5 12

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