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4 Exercises To Mass-up Your Back Like Kavita Nandi

Build a strong, muscled and enviable back with these exercises in the gym as Kavita Nandi does it. Don’t miss-out on the tips!

Bodyandstrength.com met Kavita Nandi in Pune where she demonstrated how to shred your back muscles and gain substantial strength with 4 popular and most essential workouts, especially, for the beginners. She emphasized on the time of breathing, stretching and contraction for each of the below mentioned exercises.

It is commendable that she is a mother of two, runs a gym with her husband and has also competed as a bodybuilding bikini athlete.  Let us see how she trains her back and recommends you to do so. Before beginning with her session at the gym, she asked you to warm up properly with some of the stretching exercises and cardio to ease out the inertia in your body, increase blood circulation and avoid chances of injury.

1. Pull – Up (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

Pull-Up is a great exercise for beginners. Kavita demonstrated a wider grip pull-up with the machine. The exercise is effective only when you pay attention to bring the maximum stretch and doing long stretches instead of short ones. Feel the maximum contraction in your back muscles at the top.

2. Lat Pulldown (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

You must keep your posture straight and bring the bar down while breathing in. Everytime you do so your lat muscles get contracted and there should be maximum squeeze when you bring the handles down. It is an effective exercise to strengthen your lats as well as gain V-shaped back.

3. Seated Row (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

Kavita said that you have pay attention to your form while doing this exercise and should not swing your body to and fro. Pull the cable hands towards the middle of your torso while breathing in and then take it back to starting position breathing out. Don’t involve your lower back while doing this exercise and concentrate on the maximum contraction at the target back muscles.

4. Shrugs (3 Sets X 15-20 Reps)

While picking up the weights from the ground you must always bring whole torso down bending at knees and pick the weights straight up without jerking your body. Keep arms straight down and position dumbbells in front of your body. Now, perform shrugs focusing on the back muscles connecting, which contour your neck and shoulders.

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