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4 Crossfit Exercises for Weight-loss

The exercises may seem simple but are an ultimate strengthening source for your body and core. The article gives literal demonstration of the 4 wonder crossfit exercises and state their benefits too. If done regularly and correctly, these exercises will help you achieve your goal of losing weight and gaining strength.

4 Crossfit Exercises for Weight-loss

1. Squat

The squat is essential to your health and fitness and one of the most important foundation-movements for the human body. Squat keeps our hips, glute, back, and knees sound and functioning in daily lifestyle. This exercise is not just to strengthen your lower body even help to maintain your core tight and body posture in a right way.

How to Squat

  1. Start with the feet about shoulder width apart and slightly toed out. 
  2. Keep your head up, looking slightly above parallel. 
  3. Eyes pointed forward. 
  4. Accentuate the normal arch of the lumbar curve.
  5. Send your butt back and down. 
  6. Knees track over the line of the foot. 
  7. Go down at least below the knee level or parallel to ground for the range of motion 
  8. Maintain the feet grounded, specially heel stay on the floor
  9. Come up with full extension and squeeze  hip for the better stability 

This is 1 Rep, Repeat for total 15 reps. Holding any object close like water bottle, bag, etc. will make this exercise intense and more dominate glutes and legs. 

2. Ring Row/Ring Pull-Up

Ring Row is a fantastic movement to help counter the daily hunching over your computer, phone or desk. It helps to strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades and shift the shoulders back into a healthier position. It's also often used as the first step to building strength for a pull-up – to make the most of the strength building qualities of the movement, keep your core active (i.e. don't let the lower ribs start to lift or flare out) and ensure that the shoulder blades are pulled back and down in order to activate the lats – try and maintain those activations throughout the ring row.

Walking your feet forward (and your body into a more horizontal position) will make the movement more challenging, but make sure you keep to a level that keeps your core and back muscles engaged.

How to do Ring Row/Ring Pull-up

  1. Rings set approximately shoulder-width apart
  2. Full grip on the rings
  3. Start with arms and legs extended
  4. Pull elbows back until rings touch sides of chest
  5. Arms move close to the body
  6. Body remains rigid
  7. Complete at full arm extension
  8. Scale by moving body into a less horizontal position

This is 1 Rep, Repeat for total 15 reps.

3. Push-Up

Push-up is one of the most simple, and foundational body weight yet effective upper-body and core strengthen exercises. It activates multiple muscles group, including the deltoids, pectoral muscles, triceps, core muscles and glutes. With one compound movement, individuals are able to exercise multiple muscle groups. To gain the maximum results, it is imperative to perform this exercise with proper form.

The movement is very simple and can be done anywhere because you using lot of muscle at same time. The problem is that a lot of people concentrate on quantity instead of quality while doing push-ups. While performing push-ups focus on these important points:

Body Position:

The Push-ups in not just triceps, Chest & Shoulder Movement. Most of the people neglect the tension in the abdominal Muscle, Hips & Legs. Often they perform in back arch and lack of body tension. To avoid this you push your pelvis backward and squeeze your butt to tight. Make sure you have a nice and tight hollow body position. 

Arms Position: 

This is the Important to keep both wrists completely underneath the shoulder and all the fingers spread out for the formed base. Your legs should extend straight out behind you, so that the balls of your feet are on the ground.

The Only thing is to avoid the out flares of the elbow while doing push ups, because this puts lots of stress in your shoulders which can lead to injury. Keep both elbows pointed backward while going down for the push-ups. 

Range of Motion:

This is quite simple, just don't cheat. Go all the way up means both arms should be locked and all the way down means chest should touches to ground and let your body straight. Don't decrease the range the motion by bringing your head drop down or hip drops down. Maintain the nice and tight body position.

Shoulder blade Movement:

This is a very important point. When you go down your shoulder blades come together and when you are going up they go apart. You should also focus on pushing them downward instead of upward but don't forget to keep your shoulder into active position. 

When you doing down always focus on tension and active shoulder blade movement. 

If you consider, all these points and try it on your own you will notice that it is much harder to do may be your maximum amount of repetition will drop but that doesn't matter. Always focus on quality over quantity and you will be reward those progress and healthy body.

This is 1 Rep, Repeat for 10 to 15 Reps. 

4. Classic Plank

This Exercise is one of the most common exercises to build strength for the core, if only when it is done with right posture. The Plank is one exercise which is mostly done wrongly. Plank is not about length of time you spend holding the position but activating the right muscle sets while doing it. If you make one subtle change to your plank, you'll have to hold it for only half a minute at a time. You'll often see people hold a plank for seven minutes but I personally can't think of anything more boring, and I usually just hold it for about 30 seconds. Plank is more effective in half the time. It's a very simple technique that can radicalise the way you train and increase the effectiveness of every exercise.

How to do a Perfect Plank Hold

  1. First, start with both elbows under the shoulder line on the floor. 
  2. Inter lock the finger, for the better stability. 
  3. Second, both leg should be straight/extended properly and engaged the squads.
  4. Both toes should be curling positing one the floor with ankle together.
  5. Once the whole body parallel to the ground push the sternum up against the floor to maintain a nice & tight hollow body position.
  6. Squeeze the butt; it helps to maintain body in line and better core stability. 
  7. Make sure neck stays in neutral position and breathe normally. 
  8. Once you hold the position, make sure you’re focusing on crunching lower abs and upper abs against each other without changing any body posture. Feel the tension on abdominal muscle. 

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