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4 best dumbbell bicep workouts – by Yatinder Singh

Fitness icon Yatinder Singh reveals 4 dumbbell bicep workouts to pump up your biceps in enviable fashion just about anywhere, where you have a few pairs of dumbbells. Read further to know these powerful workouts. Read this article to know the secret to biceps like Yatinder Singh.

4 best dumbbell bicep workouts – by Yatinder Singh

As the gym is not an option now a days, people are curious to know tricks and tips to do exercises at home that are as effective as exercises done in the gym with basic equipment. So in this article, I will tell you about 4 best dumbbell bicep workouts that you can easily do at home and the mistakes that people usually do while performing these workouts.

1. Incline Dumbbell Curl | 10-12 Reps X 3-4 Sets

While performing this, the first mistake that people usually do is raising their elbows very high while lifting the dumbbells. You can lift your elbows just a little bit with the motion of your hands. The second mistake is people lift their upper back high while doing the repetitions. You can lift your neck a bit but your back should not move at all. The third mistake which is very common is that while going from up to low (the starting point) people increase the speed and do it very fast.

The speed of your movement from bottom to top and vice versa should be slow and same. The fourth and final mistake is that people select heavyweights in order to gain the muscles quickly but what happens is with heavyweight their range of motion while doing the repetitions decreases and hence they don't get the desired result. So never go for a very heavy pair of dumbbells choose it according to your capacity and complete the whole range of motion.

2. Concentration Curl | 10-15 Reps X 3 Sets

The first thing to keep in mind while doing this exercise is that the leg that you will take for the support of your hand (or put your hand on) should be 90 degrees from your body not very inwards not outwards. The second thing is not to place your elbows on the thighs while doing this workout, instead place your triceps on your thighs for support. The third thing to keep in mind is that you should grip the dumbbell from the side, not the centre. To do this exercise pull the dumbbell inwards towards your thumbs and squeeze the biceps properly. If you feel tired you can take the help of your other hand while lifting the dumbbell but leave the hand while going back down.

3. Hammer Dumbbell Curl | 8-10 Reps X 3 Sets

The first mistake that people do is they bend their pelvic bone in the front and then pull the dumbbell up which should strictly not be done. You should stand straight with chest lift and core tight and then pull the dumbbells up with the help of your elbows and slowly go down. While performing this exercise keep in mind that you can push the dumbbells up quickly but they should come down slowly.

4. 21 Curl

The fourth and final exercise is 21 Curl which is usually done by barbells but as this article is about exercises with dumbbells so we are going to do it with dumbbells. Don't worry as it is equally effective with dumbbells compared to a barbell. You should at least do 2 sets of this. You need to stand straight, with chest lift and core tight. You have to do 7 repetitions of bringing your dumbbells up and going back down half. Once you have completed your 7 repetitions start from the top and bring your hands down (half) making 90 degrees between your body and hand, do this for 7 repetitions. As soon as you complete these 7 repetitions, start from the bottom and take your hands to the top completing the full range of motion and do this for 7 repetitions.

In this way, you can perform these 4 workouts at home with just dumbbells and get your dream body(biceps) without going to any gym.

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