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3 Workouts for Building your Triceps - Day 4 - Triceps

Episode 4 features 3 of your favorite experienced athletes. They describe three different workouts which will ultimately result in building strong triceps.

This video is all about the tricep building. Three exercises explained in the video will help in hypertrophy of tricep in fact, these three exercises suggested here have best results. Triceps are the part of your arm which can really enhance the built of your arms. Strong triceps can benefit you in many ways. This video is definitely going to help you in building triceps by adding just 3 exercises.

The exercises highlighted in Episode 4 of 6 Day Ultimate Mass Gain Routine are:

Three featured names in fitness are: Kavita Nandi (Athlete), Junaid Kaliwala (Athlete) and Guradesh Mann (Athlete)

1. Skull Crushers | 3 sets × 15-20 reps

In the beginning of the video, athlete Kavita Nandi starts with explaining how to do tricep skull crush. She is telling about this because it is one of the basic exercises for tricep and could be done by anyone who wish to build tricep muscles. She is demonstrating it using dumbbells. This will help you in gaining tricep muscle. Pay attention to the way she is holding the dumbbells. If done rightly, you will get the results soon.

2. Cable Tricep Extension| 3 sets × 12-15 reps

IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala is known for his built. Kaliwala is demonstrating Cable Tricep Extension, this exercise helps you in stressing your tricep which is must to gain muscles. This exercise is a way to stress upon your triceps. So, Kaliwala starts his explanation with the tips about how many reps one should do in the beginning. This exercise can really make difference in your triceps. Meanwhile he is giving tips to do it smoothly.

3. Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension| 3 sets X 10 reps

The last part of the video is about Overhead dumbbell tricep extension. It has the best result because unlike other tricep exercises this one activates all three heads of tricep muscle. Athlete Guradesh Mann is the instructor in this part. He tells that this exercise can be done alone or with the help of one other person. You all need to watch this episode to understand the right method and way to do this. This is one of the best tricep building exercises so, you must add this to your daily workout regimen.

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