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3 Techniques for Best Gains by Pavan Shetty

The secret of winning techniques is demonstrated here for better muscle hypertrophy. Pavan Shetty proves that it is the technique of the regular workout which has you winning on the stage in the end apart from your self-discipline and strategic diet.

Pavan Shetty is a professional bodybuilder who has just ventured into the world of acting and has done 2 Kannada movies last year. He is learning the art of this new trade as well while keeping the passion for bodybuilding growing. He is also an entrepreneur and his own chain of gyms as seen in the video. Pavan Shetty goes on to explain that he will demonstrate something unique and different for better muscle hypertrophy. Essentially, it is the technique of the regular workout which has you winning on the stage in the end apart from your self-discipline and strategic diet. Pavan Shetty explains how to carry out 3 workouts for maximum gains in the targeted muscles. At bodyandstrength.com, Pavan goes all the way to give you the secret techniques of his maximum hypertrophy and shares with you the winning techniques.

1. One Arm Dumbbell Row Technique

(3-4 Sets X 10-15 Reps)

Pavan Shetty adds a basic and very informative details to his explanation of this popular exercise. The workout targets your middle back muscles and gives a uniform bulk if done properly as Pavan states. Let’s find out what’s the difference which Pavan is trying to explain in the video.

First we should know the common way in which most of the gym goers perform it – On a flat bench keep left leg supported on the knee. Bend your torso until your upper body is parallel to the floor. Place the left hand on the bench for support and pick up the dumbbell from the right hand. The palm of the hand should be facing your torso. Now, while breathing out pull the resistance of the weight straight up to the side of your chest, keeping upper arm close to your side and keeping torso stationary. Breathe in as you lower the resistance straight down.

The upper movement is the common way of doing this exercise but for maximum hypertrophy with not so heavy weights, you must do it like Pavan does with this technique. The difference lies in the movement. First, squeeze your scapula while keeping the hands straight and weights down in your palm to start with, hold a second and then pull the resistance up as stated above. While bringing down the weight, follow the same pattern. Bring the weight down lock your arm and then release the lift from the scapula. Repeat from the other side.

2. Superset of Dumbbell Fly and Dumbbell Press Technique

(3-4 Sets X 10-15 Reps)

Dumbbell Fly

This superset targets chest muscles for maximum pump and can be considered as the finisher for your chest day. Lie on your back on incline bench, pick up heavy weights as much as you can workout with, in both your hands. Open up your hands wider, don’t lock arms, spread outwards in the side of your body. While breathing out lift the weights up in straight line of your chest till dumbbells touch each other on outward corner forming a V shape opening towards your head. Bring them down while breathing in.

Dumbbell Press

Without dropping the weights after the dumbbell flyes immediately switch to dumbbell press.  In this dumbbell chest press while dropping the weights on the sides of your chest you have to pause and then push them up straight up in the line of your chest. The reason why this pause is important is to break the momentum which will give you maximum burn at the chest. When you push breathe out and when you drop breathe in. Key is to use mostly your muscles to push the weights up and not the momentum!

3. Side Lateral Raise Technique

(3-4 Sets X 10-15 Reps)

This exercise targets your shoulder muscles. Pavan says that mostly people do it with dumbbells but Pavan Shetty uses plates. He uses comparatively lighter weights than he usually does so that he is able to speak to the audience while demonstrating the exercise and its technique. Hold the plates in both your hands, stand with straight torso and use your shoulder muscles only for pulling the weights up laterally together, until your hands are in same horizontal line with your shoulders. Breathe in while doing so. Now bring the weights down while breathing out. Don’t lock the elbows anywhere during the movement.

A better variation as told by Pavan, is to hold the plates at an angle in the starting position and then move your wrists inwards while bringing them up and then bring the weights down at an angle again. Repeat.

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