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3 Moves for Bicep Growth by IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala

Junaid chooses to demonstrate 3 workouts to grow your biceps in this coverage. He lets you know how to begin with the basic exercise to concentrate the pressure on your bicep muscle and make it grow, like you always wanted it!

IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala who is a competing athlete, an established fitness personality and an entrepreneur who owns a chain of supplement stores in the name of SOS; in this video, shares how you can begin with basic exercises to grow your biceps. He says, that most of the people dream of having impactful arms which give a powerful statement to one’s appearance. If you are one of them, you must try these primary workouts to tone and grow your biceps.

He stresses on beginning with a warm-up. You can use light weights to move your arm muscles like he does for a number of reps. Doing this will ensure that there is enough blood flow into your arms and your muscles are workout ready, more injury-proof than earlier.

1. Dumbbell Bicep Curl (4 Sets X 10-12Reps)

This is the age old bicep curling method with weights where the biceps feels most of the tension on squeezing while lifting the weight up. Junaid holds dumbbells with both his arms and moves them alternating the hands. The form and breathing has to be a constant and lifting has to be done using the biceps.

2. Barbell Curl (3 Sets X 12 Reps)

Here, Junaid uses a zig-zag bar to curl his biceps. Both the hands move together, concentrating on the biceps in this exercise. As you squeeze, you breathe out. You are supposed to stand straight without swaying your body at all.

3. Hammer Curl (5 Sets X 12-15 Reps)

Mostly, people do this workout vertically holding the dumbbells and squeezing the biceps, bringing them closer to arms as much as possible and then bringing the weights down slowly. But here, Junaid does a variation using a cable rope. He pulls it upwards holding them in the vertical grip as shown in the video.

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