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3 Major Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass by Mausam – Team Metapure

Off-season is bulking season for many athletes. Even if you are just starting up again, it becomes a difficult task to gain muscles mass. In this article Mausam, illustrates 3 exercises which will help you gain muscle mass and are all time favorite for the maximum pump in your muscles.

Mausam begins with telling the merits, demerits and right posture to follow while doing these exercises. It is interesting to note that he chose these 3 power packed exercises among many only to demonstrate in this article. These exercises build your strength day by day and never fail to work wonders on your multiple muscle groups which are engaged during these workouts.

People know how to do it, but the right way of doing the exercise matters more than just to lift the weights. Your knowledge connects your mind better to your muscles while workout and you feel more motivated than exhausted while performing them. Here are the three powerful exercises which will level up your muscle gaining game by notches. For each exercise, you can perform 4 sets of 10-12 reps.

1. Flat Bench Press

This is the standard or the traditional bench press and serves as the baseline. It is what you think of when you picture someone performing the exercise – a lowering and pressing movement with your back on a bench that is parallel to the ground. The major muscle group targeted by the Flat Bench Press is the pectoralis major, also simply known as pecs. This is the largest muscle group on the chest and is very important for pushing movements.

It does the great job of targeting both upper and lower pens aka the clavicular and sternocostal heads. It also hits the triceps brachii and the anterior deltoids. But your form should be firm and the concentration should be to engage your chest muscles and do movement with arms without straining the shoulders or it can give you strains. It is advised that you increase weights gradually when you think you are becoming comfortable with the one you began with.

2. Squats

Squats are age old and again a basic exercise. It is one of the best compound exercise movements. The combination of deadlifts and squats are perhaps the best compound workout combination which you can try at your gym. They don’t just engage and work on targeted muscles but also are responsible for overall muscle growth. It engages all your lower body muscles while steadying the core.

Squats give you a splendid posture and mobility correction when done correctly. They give you an impressive physique. The compound exercise help you get rid of excess fat effectively while toning your whole body including your butt. Just make sure to do it in the correct form, stretching your glutes out while going down and your knee stay parallel to your ankle, if the come out of the ankle perpendicular, there are chances of injuries. Also, while doing weighted squats, you must increase your weight in small amounts once you start becoming comfortable with the weight you started with.

3. Deadlift

This is the favorite power pump exercise of all times for all the gym goers. This is a compound exercise which engages multiple muscle groups including your lower back. It is advised that you put on the waist belt to support it and avoid injuries to do the deadlifts. Make sure not to jerk while lifting up the barbell with weights. Any discrepancies in form or performance can lead to injuries. This is almost a case with all the exercising where you require lifting movement. If you combine this exercise with squats and do supersets of both, this will take your whole body pump to another level. If you are beginner, do not experiment. Once you are in control of the correct the form doing the basic exercises, after few months, you can upgrade to combinations of them.

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