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3 Indian Weightlifters: Siddhant Gogoi, Vikas Thakur and Deepak Lather

Bodyandstrength.com talked to the 3 young rising stars and achievers of weight-lifting in India where they shared their success story, training and diet schedule with us. The article coverage gives a bigger picture of athletic sport of weight-lifting and how it is changing for good.

3 Indian Weightlifters: Siddhant Gogoi, Vikas Thakur and Deepak Lather

Bodyandstrength.com has been in touch with young sports brigade of the country and was indeed impressed with the zeal and passion these young sportspersons exhibited. Some of these represent Indian weightlifting sport and have participated in national and international competitions, winning for their states and winning for their nation at large. We got to talk to some of the weightlifters who have very promising future in weightlifting sport. They are already contributing to the nation’s pride and wish to win for India in Olympics sometime. They don’t just love their sport but are immensely patriotic in their demeanor. Here are some of the rising stars of Indian weightlifting sport for you.

Sidhant Gogoi

Sidhant is only 15-year-old young man from Assam. He started weightlifting in 2015. His father is a sportsman and hence, it was natural for him to take to sports too, moreover, it was his father’s dream to see him as a sportsperson.

Earlier he used to play cricket as his father was also a cricketer but his father wished him to see as an individual sportsperson so he took to weightlifting. Sidhant said that he belongs to a middle class family and it was difficult for him to train in weightlifting in his village.

He feels thankful that Army Sports Institute provided him with this opportunity to train and perform in weightlifting sport. He faced pain and many injuries in his journey during his training which he still does. His fighting spirit keeps him going. He never stopped and will never give up because now he has to prepare to play senior group which will be even more challenging.

He thinks that managing time is the key to success apart from training and eating right. The routine should be managed such that there is no disturbance in daily chores like sleeping because having everything in place at the same time is very important to strike a right balance for your overall fitness for any sport. He idolizes Michael Phelps. He says that like weightlifting is not just sport for him, it is his passion that is why he can never get bored from his game and he respects his kitbag.

His daily training schedule includes squats, deadlifts, push-press and many core strengthening exercises. A month before competition they mostly eat proteins and do not take carbohydrates and fats at all because they have to lose around 3 to 4 kg. The proteins include meats and mushrooms. But proteins must also be taken in limited amounts in planned intervals. After bodyweight, they take carbohydrates like boiled rice and potatoes.

Till now he has competed and won Gold in Khelo India, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze in National Championship; 1 Silver and 2 Bronze in Asian Championship. Many accolades, titles and medals are still due to this passionate young sportsperson in future, definitely.

In his message to nation Sidhant Gogoi says, “Never give up. Always respect everyone and keep working hard.” And the best was the way he concluded his interview with this profound greeting to the nation – Jai Hind!

Vikas Thakur

Vikas Thakur is 25-year-old now and he started weight lifting when he was only 9 years old. Vikas is inspired by his father and his father was person who made him take a plunge into this challenging sport. Vikas was born in Hamirpur and brought up in Ludhiana, Punjab, from where he did his schooling as well. He has a close knit family with his mother, father and elder sister.

Vikas told bodyandstrength.com, “I went through many injuries and that has impacted me and my body. But we are taught from the beginning that injuries are like an ornament for a sportsman. You need to focus on your training and diet and have some discipline. My family has always supported me and that gave me strength.”

When asked about the major challenges, he said that every training session is a challenge for him and he focuses at giving it his best. He has represented our country 19 times on international platforms. He is 5 times National Champion and currently, he became a National Record Holder.

His greatest achievement was when he won silver medal in commonwealth games 2014, Glasgow and bronze medal in Commonwealth Games 2018, Gold Coast, Australia.

He idolizes K. Ravi Kumar (Indian Weightlifter) and is thankful to his father and his coaches – B. S. Medhwan and Vijay Sharma.

Vikas says that his training regimen keeps changing according to his body requirement. Diet plays big role in a sportsman’s life. His ‘go to mantra’ is just having rich protein diet and avoid fried processed and oily food.

Vikas Thakur gives this message to the nation, “History is proof, to conquer another land we had to fight a battle and win wars! In today’s world, sports give you that platform... the hope to conquer! I just want to tell the youth that work hard, have discipline in your life and be honest with your work. The ecstasy you feel when you are reason behind hoisting of Indian flag on international platforms, can’t be described in words.”

Deepak Lather

Deepak Lather is another 15-year-old wonder boy. He is the youngest Indian weightlifter with a national record. He is the farm boy from Shadipur who talks about ploughing the fields and lugging sacks of fodder on his back, carrying his tired mother across the field. But what triggers him up is his sport - weightlifting.

After taking admission in ASI, Pune, he wasn’t initially considered for weightlifting sport. Instead he was trained for diving but he didn’t enjoy that sport much. Hence, he was shifted to weightlifting and from there he started rising. This chance of training was given to him by a foreign coach Juraj Gubala. He initially started slow but it is the training routine that matters day after day. Coach Vijay Sharma made his snatch lift one of the finest in the country.

He recalls how his seniors have helped him out. K. Ravi Kumar taught him about avoiding contamination in food supplements.

Deepak’s journey is not different than other Indian weightlifters who have made it big with time but each one of them has got a different set of challenges to encounter which they have braved with determination, by listening to the training advises given by experts, by adhering to strict training regimen given by their coaches and trainers, by not giving up, they have all come a long way.

All of them look forward to Olympic 2020 with dreamy eyes and Indian flag up! Bodyandstrength.com along with whole of India whishes them all the very best!

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