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3 Abs Day Exercises You Must NOT Miss!

This article lets you know three of the most effective and powerful abs workouts, to strengthen and chisel you abdominal muscles significantly. Next time you go to the gym, perform them and see the difference.

3 Abs Day Exercises You Must NOT Miss!

Having enviable abs is not everyone’s cup of tea as it takes a lot of discipline, good nutrition, lowering of fat percentage in body and a lot of sweat in gym. Mostly, gym goers assign a day for every single muscle or a particular group of muscle routine. Abs day can be the toughest after the leg day. But skipping it is not a question at all. It is advised to add variety to regular abs routine to make it interesting as well as rewarding.

If you look beyond six-packs, what makes abs muscles important is the fact that they not only help rotate, bend and extend your torso but also support a very powerful dependable organ of your body – your spine. Abs exercises, if done correctly and regularly, also have a positive effect on your spine! In most of the people, abs take the most of the time to get trained and come in shape. Hence, the keyword here is to be patient and more consistent. Doing different exercises on abs day, adds to the gym enthusiasm and you have something new to perform every time.

The three abs exercises mentioned in this article, use different set up. First one uses a pull-up bar or rings, the second one is done on reverse incline bench and the last one is done on the floor. All these workouts add variety to your abs routine in the gym.

Hanging Leg Raises

This is an isolation exercise for hip muscles and abdominal muscles. Hanging from a bar with extended arms, you raise your legs parallel to the ground. It is more intense exercise than vertical leg raises. The movement is controlled by putting pressure on the hip muscles, and abdominal muscles and pressure is felt there. You have to keep your focus on the form and avoid dwindling while performing this exercise.

Weighted Crunches

These can be performed on floor as well as reverse incline bench for crunches. Hold the weight in both the hands straight up and perform the crunches by sitting up. Go back down and perform again. It is important to engage your core muscles all this while and do not put pressure on your tucked up ankles at the end of the bench. This is again a very powerful exercise for toning up the abs.

Reverse Crunches

Lie down face up on the ground and bring your knees up while engaging your core. Another variation is to bring your upper body slightly up too while performing these crunches. The maximum crunch is felt in the abs in this exercise. All this while, it is important to perform a firm movement throughout, maintaining correct form.

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