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21 Sun Salutations - Day 7

Day 7 of 7 Days Home Workout with Rosie is a series of Yoga poses for relaxing whole of your body, mind and soul. It is all about bringing the balance to your system.

This video is dedicated to yoga poses which can do magic for toning your over all body. All through the week, there is a built up stress in your system which needs to be flushed out.

End of the week is meant to relax and these relaxing yoga postures bring alignment, stretch and warmth to your muscles. They also prepare you with enough strength to take on another week filled with a tiring routine.

Rosie's 7th day of exercise is more of a rejuvenating session while not letting the body miss the real action at the same time.

Rosie begins with deep breathing exercise to relax and prepare for further session. Here are 21 yoga poses to bring your body in rhythm for a week of heavy workout ahead. You have to hold each pose for at least 10 seconds and repeat 2 times. Make sure that you assume the correct form and keep a balance. Go as far as you can if you are beginner and slowly stretch further as you proceed with session.

21 poses / 10 seconds hold / 2 times

1. Standing deep breathing (10 times / 2 times)
2. Half-moon
3. Awkward pose
4. Eagle pose
5. Dancer pose
6. Balancing pose
7. Separation leg stretching
8. Triangle pose
9. Leg head to knee
10. Tree pose
11. Toe stand
12. Shav asana
13. Cobra pose
14. Bow pose
15. Fixed firm
16. Half Tortoise
17. Camel pose
18. Rabbit pose
19. Head to knee touch
20. Spine twisting
21. Blow infirm

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