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10 Smart Tips to Travel Fit and Strong

Enjoy your travel without compromising on your fitness. In fact, take your fitness a notch up next time you travel by following these 10 magical tips!

10 Smart Tips to Travel Fit and Strong

After researching the net and reading several travel blogs, we have come to the conclusion that it is very difficult to keep up with your fitness, especially, while traveling because for most of us travel means to relax and not to think much about what you are eating and just soaking the sun or enjoying the view!

All of us, however, do wish to sport dresses of our choice and look fabulous in our travel pictures. We also wish that we don’t have regret with carrying health issues back home from a wonderful vacation. These wishes can’t be fulfilled if we are not a little watchful. Yes, we have to be watchful while relaxing, eating and find out smart ways of enjoying our trip so that our activity level doesn’t get compromised.

Here is what we all can easily do while traveling:

1. Healthy Kingsize Breakfast

This is an age old notion which holds very true to fuel your day out while traveling. It will keep your metabolism working well in your favor. Anyway, hotels across the world do give a free breakfast most of the times in packages. This helps you keep your budget in check and load yourself with healthy choices to fill your stomach as well as your nutrition needs for the day.

2. Yogurt for Your Gut

Yogurt is loaded with probiotic bacteria which helps regulate your digestive system and you will absolutely won’t feel bloated. You will also prevent having diarrhea or other gut problems while on the go. Morever, taking yogurt as part of your meal even once makes your feel fresh.

3. Drink a Lot of Water

As if you didn’t know it! Well, it is time to make it a habit to hydrate yourself with lots of water while traveling, prevent acidity and keep away hunger pangs. Whenever you feel thirsty, don’t grab a soda or aerated drink at all! It has to be water and only water in the first place. You mostly get bottled water everywhere you go and it is safer than any other packaged drink on the shelf.

4. Take the Stairs

Do not avoid taking the stairs wherever you can while traveling. Taking the stairs is the best workout for your legs and glutes plus it burns a lot of calories. You can’t enjoy places if you are not walking your path the hard way. It is exercise and it is an experience, it works wonders for all your senses and body when both combine.

5. Have Tea

Have green tea or regular one once or twice a day without sugar to refresh your senses and body. It peps your up and keeps you charged when tired. It also keeps munching tendency at bay. Tea is rich in antioxidants and helps cleans your system off pollutants too. So whenever you get time, either grab one or make yourself a refreshing one.

6. Protein Bars

Carry them with yourself to keep you away from all the junk for that ‘on the go’ monstrous hunger pangs. They will fill you up and keep your metabolism pumped up at the same time. You won’t feel like having anything for a long time in between. You can take a granola or protein bar thrice a day, starting with one in the morning. You can either carry them from home or can easily buy them abroad at any convenience store.

7. Buy Groceries

It is a good idea to save on money by not eating outside at restaurants always. Grab grocery items like eggs, fresh salad veggies, tea, soup and oatmeal; prepare them at your place of stay with the use of provided microwave or electric kettle. This will help you in getting right nutrition and prevent you from overeating. It will also ensure that you are eating ‘safe’ food.

8. Choose Walking

Wherever possible – walk! Skip those rides and walk to your destination. Follow a trek while on hills. After that sweat when your see the visuals, it is heavenly and it is the real rewarding experience travels are meant for. What more? You are burning those calories on the go too! The unique tip here is to keep squeezing your muscles – abs, glutes and legs while walking your way. This will make for a super workout as it does on treadmill in gym.

9. Watch What you Eat

Keep a watch on what you are eating. If you are keep to have local delicacies, ask what it constitutes and prefer tasting in small quantities while eating slowly. This way you will relish more and won’t add up much calories at all. If you are outside on meal time, see the healthiest option you can have. Check ingredients of the dish or do your research beforehand on the available healthy options. Don’t get trapped by fancy salads loaded with cheese. Ask for no cheese or lesser ones.

10. Start your Day with Yoga

Now, this is an ace move to keep yourself fit for the day and not having to worry about doing more rigorous physical exercise. Yoga and stretching keep you fit and full of stamina for the whole day as it is meant for your mind and body together. It makes your enjoy your travel in good shape, good health and good frame of mind. So learn some of the common stretches and bends in Yoga before boarding your flight next time!

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