10 Nutrition Tips for New Runners

This article gives new runners an insight on how to take care of their nutritional needs during or around their run. These 10 nutrition tips will help you perform a balancing act with your diet in a better way. Read further to know more.

10 Nutrition Tips for New Runners

For new runners, running is a new found passion and too rigorous of schedule too. You can’t leave it once you embark on this journey on your two legs, fast, on the tracks or on the roads. But admit it that for most of the runners, right nutrition according to their physical activity rate becomes a challenge.

Runners stand a risk of wear and tear in the knees, their as it is their knees and then ankles which are carrying their whole bodyweight all through the terrain and that too very fast on a daily basis. Apart from bones and joints, they have to take special care of their muscles to make them strong enough to support the movement of their joints. Other areas of focus involve right nutrition to accumulate much energy in the body.

Most of the runners come over these hurdles with the help of an able nutritionist or through hit and trial, reading random articles on nutrition and seeing how their body reacts to it. Well, if you are a new runner, you have to pay attention to the following nutrition tips so that your body gears up well for each your next run and keeps you going whole day.

Don’t Run Empty Stomach

If you consider that your body is a machine which doesn’t run without fuel, you will understand how vital it is to have pre-workout nutrition through food. You must eat your full at least 2-3 hours before or take a snack at least an hour before. Running empty stomach will cause early fatigue and can cause feeling of nausea because of acidity too.

Hydrate Yourself Irrespective of The Season

Even if you are running in cold environment or temperatures are cool enough, you need to hydrate as much as possible. All the sweat that flows out of your body during running has to be balanced with intake of enough water all year round. If you are not drinking enough water throughout the year or daily, chances are that you won’t make your run a success and that’s true! Before a run it is all the more important that you are well hydrated. To test your hydration, check the colour of your urine, pale yellow colour suggests that you are well hydrated and darker shade suggests that you need more hydration.

Do Not Overeat

If you feel that you run daily and burn calories hence you are authorized to eat anything in any amount then you are wrong! There is a proper way to recover after a run with proper nutrition. Make sure you are eating only that much of calories which make an equivalent to your calories burnt while running. In short, do not overeat and stay away from junk.

Say Yes to Healthy Carbs

If you have been believing in the fad of no-carb or low-carb for losing weight or keeping you feel ‘light note’ during a run then you are almost going to kill yourself and your best performance on a run. Carbs make the major fuel to push yourself through effortlessly all through your run. Take fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy as your healthy source of nutrition every day.

Healthy Fats intake

It is important for a runner to satiate his or her ravenous hunger otherwise they end making a mess of their personal life! Yes, it is true and for that you need to take healthy fats like avocadoes, nuts, fatty fish and seeds. They will make you feel full and satiated.

Protect Your Bowel

Yes, your stomach will be upset for a long time adjusting to your new eating and running routine hence, you have to patient with it. You have to take care of it simultaneously. Do not eat too close to your run (1 hour) and avoid heavy and fibrous food before a run completely. Also, take a lot of probiotics like yoghurt and curd etc.

For In-between Hunger, Have Healthy Snacks

To keep your hunger at bay and for not letting your stomach feel acidic, healthy snacking is a must. Keep healthy snacks always ready with you for munching in between like Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Almonds, Hazel Nuts, Baked Oats Cookies, Crunchy Chikpeas, etc.

Practice Your Diet In Advance

If you have signed up for a run or marathon then practice your diet on your practice run days daily. This will let you know how your body is reacting to your diet and how your stomach is adjusting to the new routine. This way you don’t have to deal with ‘new diet syndrome’ once you go for the real run. Also, you will be able to make necessary changes to your diet well in advance so that it becomes a perfect or near about fit for you till the time race day reaches.

A Friend’s Consultation

You might be having your running community friends who have been running since years, they will be able to guide you more in balancing your diet according to your running schedule and during the main event run. Moreover, they will keep you motivated to follow a suitable diet schedule if you will discuss with them.

Expert’s Advice

It is advised that you consult a certified nutritionist, especially, the one’s who have helped runners get a suitable diet for themselves according to their body type and health needs. Considering that you will be concentrating more on your run and practicing the same if you have one person taking care of your diet schedule. At least you won’t be bothering about what to eat and when, especially, when you are already tired. It will save you a burden on your mind plus it will have you in the hands of the expert.

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