10 Foods that Lower the Risk of Common Winter Health Problems

Winter is the season when germs are highly active and our immune system is slow. That's why it is important to take care of ourselves with good food and a healthy lifestyle. Read this article to know how to steer clear of winter blues by eating right.

 10 Foods that Lower the Risk of Common Winter Health Problems

North-India starts getting hit by the cold-breeze in December and January. Shawl wrapped around and a cup of 'Chai' in the hand is the most common scenario these days. Hot food and beverages in the cold weather. What else could be better than that? But, there is something that can spoil the whole fun of cozy winter. 'Sickness', is the thing that can become a hurdle in your relaxation. Well, why not? Winter is the season when germs are highly active and our immune system is slow.

That's why it is important to take care of ourselves with good food and a healthy lifestyle. Just 'Chai' and hot-chocolate would not be enough to boost your immune system and to protect you from common winter health problems.

Why do we fall ill in winter?

Winter is almost here. Also, it is the time for colds, sore throats, running noses, and cough. At least twice a year, this is the common pattern in which most people take off from their works due to cold symptoms. But why is that? Why do we tend to fall ill so easily in winters?

The reason is the cold wind and lack of sun. Cold winds during the season affect our first line of defense. Making the flu and bacteria to stick around more easily and for a longer time.

Vitamin-D is responsible for making anti-microbial molecules in our bodies. During the winter season, our exposure to the sun and the ultra-violet rays become very less. That means, lower Vitamin-D and lower anti-microbial molecules. This makes us prone to flu and viruses.

This might have made you think that winter is the season of falling sick. Well, not at all. All you need is some good winter foods and healthy habits and you easily can combat the common winter problems.

Foods to eat during winters

1. Nuts/ dry fruits

Nuts are good fats; they help us to stay warm during the winter season. They also help in curing the loss of hemoglobin in our blood(anemia). They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which means amazing winter skin. You can have your dry-fruits as a daily dose by soaking them in water overnight and eating them in the morning. Add them crushed in your warm turmeric-milk and what else can be better than a big bowl of 'Gajar ka halwa' with lots of almonds, cashew, and kishmish.

2. Honey

Honey is the perfect pack of sweetness and health. People also use it as a substitute for sugar. It's warm in nature and prevents a lot of flu and bacteria. It helps in building up the immunity wall in our body for a lot for healthier winter. Drink a cup of hot water with honey daily or add it in your ginger-lemon tea for a better taste and warmth

3. Jaggery

It is another sweetener, that is loved by all and of course is healthy to eat. Gur/ jaggery is also warm in nature. It is rich in Iron and will help you maintain your warm and active temperature in the winter season. It also induces easy digestion when eaten after meals.

4. Ginger

Ginger is healthy and warm. It promotes body metabolism and keeps you warm. Adding it to your regular 'Tadka' while cooking is a good option. Also, you can warm yourself up by having it with warm water and lemon in the morning.

5. Tulsi

Tulsi is an anti-oxidant. It has multiple medicinal properties. Rich in Zinc, Vitamin-A, C and iron, it helps in keeping away from cough and cold. It is known for boosting immunity and keeping us warm in winters. For an extra info., you can also plant tulsi in your house just cut-away the pollution and impure air from the environment.

6. Ghee

People usually underestimate the medicinal value of ghee. It is good for health when taken in a specific amount in your daily diet. Put ‘Desi ghee’ in your rotis or eat healthy laddus made-up with ghee. It will keep you warm and your body will have the required grease for its smooth functioning. It is good for digestion and makes your skin glow.

7. Sesame seeds

Til or sesame seeds are famous for their warm nature. They are rich in iron and calcium. Eat them as the substitute for the dairy products and get that required nutrition right away. Jaggery and sesame seeds make a good combination as a winter food, full of health, taste, and warmth. 

8. Green vegetables

You got to eat your greens all year long. But eat all the green and rooted vegetables in the winter season. Turnip, radish, carrot, etc. takes a little time to get digested, that's how they keep us warm during the cold winter.

Eat them cooked or brew yourself a cup of hot soup as an evening snack.

9. Maize

Maize is the staple winter-food in the Northern-India. It is rich in Iron and the Vitamin-B complex in it keeps the heart, hair, and skin healthy. It helps in gaining extra energy for slow winters. Cook your-self a stack of Makke-ki-roti and eat it with great pleasure.

10. Sweet-potato

You would see many vendors selling sweet-potatoes in the form of ‘chaat’ during winters. It, of course, is a good snack to eat, but also, it is rich in fiber, Vitamin-A, and potassium. It also will keep you warm in winter and promote digestion and reduces inflammation.

Final Thought

Winter is short-termed as compared to the summer season. Two to three months or cold winds and vacations can be a good experience to gather-up if we stay away from the unexpected illness and small-small cough/colds. Organic food and healthy beverages can be a way to do that. The above-listed foods are full of taste and health. Add them to your winter menu and enjoy the cozy winters.

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