10 Fitness Facts Your Trainer Missed Telling You!

This article reveals what you must know before beginning with your training sessions. Applying your mind is extremely essential for setting and getting your goals. These important facts on fitness remain untold by trainers most of the times.

10 Fitness Facts Your Trainer Missed Telling You!

People dream of a beautiful and strong body which has high immunity and can easily prove a healthy
vehicle for them to lead a fulfilling life, doing whatever they want without worrying about little obstacles
arising from an unfit body. The fitness fever has set in the nation now more than yesteryears and there
are people who have taken it up as a challenge.

Bodyandstrength.com got to know some interesting facts about fitness that can help you train better and steer easier through your fitness routine. These facts might miss your trainer’s mind knowingly or unknowingly.

1. Not always will you get the desired results

If you have a set image of a dream body and that is exactly what drives you daily towards gym and makes you follow your diet plans, it is good but you must always do the reality check and be aware of practical turn outs. There are several other factors which produce such results, there are different body types, different genetics – the factors which can’t be controlled by you but do control outcomes of your efforts to an extent. You may not reach that set image but yes, you can well be the best version of yourself.

2. Keep patience for seeing the results

Everyone wants instant results, instant beauty and instant body. Can it be possible? No, you know that, I know that, but why don’t we acknowledge it. Why don’t we accept it that we are not going to change overnight and the results will take time to show. There won’t be much change in your body if you only do 3 intense workouts per week – you can only get good results if you do at least 3 power and 2 cardio workouts per week. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend 5 days a week at the gym – an ordinary walk outside can be a good cardio exercise for your body.

3. 5 training sessions with a trainer is enough

Trainers might end up telling you that there is always a pathologically dire need of having maximum training sessions with the trainer and you absolutely can’t do alone. No, that’s not at all true. Yes, you need to be guided by trainer, you need to know how to exercise, what to eat, but you also need to learn to do it independently because fitness is not only workout hours, it is your lifestyle and you must learn to independently handle it. 5-7 session with your trainer are usually enough to understand this and then carry on your own..

4. Basic exercises can substantially build a good body

For trainers, it is beneficial to keep a client with them for a long time and that is the reason they often ignore basic exercises and offer a lot of different exercises that work on single muscles. But for good results, it is important to focus on basic exercises. Exercises like push ups, squats, lunges, deadlifts and planks help you to build muscle corset and work on your basic strength. Also, you will notice in sessions which exercise gets the best response from your muscles.

5. Sports and nutrition diet can be a fad for you

Generally beginners associate themselves to the imaginary transformation power of sports nutrition. In real, you don’t need to follow that as long as you have an inclusive, well-planned and balanced diet and you are not aiming to become an athlete. Don’t just jump to having sports nutrition just because you have started training to get a good-looking and healthy body. If they still recommend you, then there might be their own benefit or they are just doing it out of body. Some decisions you have to take to make yourself a better version of yourself.

6. A fitness routine doesn’t promise you riddance from cellulite

People, there is nothing like anti-cellulite inside or outside the body so all the cosmetics claiming that might just be skin tightening and scrubbing options, they can only work on that area and make it look better in terms of cleansed look but of course, don’t help with cellulite. Same is for exercise and workout, the toning of your muscles is something else and removal of cellulite is something else. Latter can’t be done at all and has to accepted as a part of your body. However, if you are exercising daily and taking a very nutritive diet, you can make cellulite less visible.

7. More reps and less rest in between for women

Whether you acknowledge it or not, fitness differs in men and women. In female training sessions, one must have more tension time with shorter breaks for rest. That’s because in women muscles don’t get worked up until tension reaches at the highest. They must load their muscles by doing more reps instead of lifting heavy. About 40 seconds of rest between reps is enough for women. Men, however, need more time for restoring their strength and energy as they lift heavy.

8. You don’t have to eat less and workout more

If you aim to lose weight then calorie deficit will work for you. Still, you must not push it to the limits. Working out a lot in the gym and eating very little, will make your body respond by slowing down the metabolism and going back to energy saving mode. That’s why you shouldn’t work out on a daily basis and considerably cut down your diet. This will only make you feel drained out and slow your body’s response to almost everything including workout. Pair your work out with good nutrition always.

9. Yoga, Dance and Pilates won’t earn your muscles

For getting a sculpted and muscular body, the muscles should be put to train very hard. And they work hard during power workouts. Group training sessions like yoga, pilates and dance are a great addition to the gym but are not a replacement for strength training and lifting exercises. If you want to be more than just slim and energetic, power workouts are a must for you.

10. It is possible to get into shape without visiting a gym

Well, having a good genes and not getting into junk food or alcohol always pays you well when you pair it up with good planned workout. What matters is being regular with your workout and diet schedule even if you are exercising at home. Success totally depends upon your consistency and it doesn’t matter if you join a gym or not. Exercise at home, walk, take good diet and keep yourself regular in doing so without carelessness to experience wonderful results in due course off time!

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