10 Dietary Supplements for Overall Health!

How to take supplements and how taking some supplements helps you in leading a healthy and active life – this article lists 10 dietary supplements you should take to lead a healthy and active life!

10 Dietary Supplements for Overall Health!

Many of us have been of the opinion that supplements are either taken by athletes or by people who are weak. But if you wish to stay healthy and active whole of your life, you need some of the supplements on the daily basis as your diet lacks most of the essential nutrients. This is the reason they are termed dietary supplements.

Before we list out the supplements in this article, let’s know how you can take these supplements.

Take Supplements with Meal

Taking your supplementation capsules or tablets with meal ensures that they are digested well. For example Vitamin D is absorbed in the body 50% better when taken with your food. There are other nutrients which are absorbed better with food as fat is harnesses the goodness from vitamins.

Season and Lifestyle

You can get enough Vitamin D from the sun in summers and hence, won’t be needing to supplement it in summers while in autumn it is more likely that you will be eating zinc-rich green leafy vegetables. The bottom line is that you have to change you supplementation according to the season and you must eat the bounty of the season, leading a healthy lifestyle.

Get Your Blood Test Done

Despite making essential changes in the lifestyle and having seasonal foods along with apt supplementation, if you feel lethargic or not well enough to carry day to day tasks apart from regular exercises; it is advised that you get your blood tests done to know about any nutrient deficiency in your body. Once your doctor analyses your report, you will be prescribed supplements to fill the gap. In case of major deficiencies, you may be asked to get injections as well. For example, most of the vegetarians or vegans have Vitamin B12 deficiency and doctors tell them to get a course of a few injections for the same or have them orally. Regular blood tests otherwise also help.

Supplement Brand Matters

Organic food have higher quality and contains more nutrients. Similarly, supplements coming from brands that source high quality ingredients will do the job better than those with low level of vitamins and lots of filler ingredients. Read the packaging and product details carefully before using supplements.

Here is a list of 10 most essential dietary supplements which are needed for upgrading your health and fitness quotient.

1. Multivitamins

It always helps to start with a good quality multivitamin. This is compact solution for your everyday vitamin supply which you don’t get from the food in the daily grind.

2. Vitamin C

This vitamin is a powerhouse which is needed to maintain a robust immune system. It helps in the production of collagen and reduces thread veins and rosacea. It is good to avoid sachets with flavors.

3. Vitamin D

While our body makes and stores vitamin D, it is unlikely that you get enough sunlight to be able to produce it in winters, especially, in places where 8 months are reserved by cold season. Try taking them from September to April to help with everything from cardiovascular health to strengthening bones to aiding fertility. It is advised that you use D3 which is most easily used in the human body. If you are vegetarian or vegan then use D2 or D3 that is made from mushrooms.

4. Omegas

Try and fill your supplementation need with Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. You can get Omega 9 from your diet, you still have to supplement with Omega 3 which is commonly used nowadays. You will have to take these long-term in all circumstances. The only cliché is that you have to find one that you can afford for a long time.

5. Probiotics

The probiotics are essential for your gut health. Make sure that your probiotic contains bacteria from both lactobacillus and bifidobacterium groups.

6. Zinc

Zinc come as a part of your daily diet or in your multivitamins and prescribed dose is just 45mg. But in case you are low on zinc then you will notice white dots on your finger nails. Zinc plays a role in replicating cells healthily in body. In case of deficiency, you may have to supplement the same.

7. B Vitamins

B vitamins have been shown to have an effect on serotonin and help energy neurotransmitters. All the B vitamins work as a team, so look for B vitamin complex.

8. Vitamin A

Most of us do not have enough Vitamin A in our diets and even if we do, we need enough zinc and iron to convert it. Hence, about 95% of women are deficient in it. Best is to take multivitamin and then some vitamin A alongside it to help thicken skin, build elastin and balance melanin. Not to mention its role in good eye-sight.

9. Magnesium

If you are working out a lot or are involved in a physically strenuous routine, magnesium reduces inflammation helps as a muscle relaxant. It has been proved to get absorbed well through skin, hence, you can directly apply this in oil form on your skin.

10. Iron

Although this mineral comes in your daily nutritive diet, still many people, especially, women do suffer from iron deficiency. It is advised to check your iron levels regularly and get it prescribed by a physician in case your body lacks iron. If you are a woman and have heavy periods, iron helps ease out the pain. Moreover, it is known for being the important constituent of your blood.

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