10 Best Full Body Dumbbell Workout – by Yatinder Singh

This article is about full body workout using a pair of dumbbell. Perform these exercises regularly to train different part of your body. You can include them in your fitness regime to get good results. You can easily do these exercises at your home.

10 Best Full Body Dumbbell Workout – by Yatinder Singh

I have come across queries regarding effective full-body workouts and hence, I demonstrated powerful full body workouts with dumbbells in my latest video on my official Youtube Channel lately. This article will update you on how you can do these ten exercises and feel the pump in your whole body. You can watch these workouts on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZkTB3Om5tg

Following are the full body workout for your overall fitness:

1. Squat with Dumbbell Press

Keep both your legs at your shoulder’s width. Raise both the dumbbells above your shoulder. Keep your knees soft, pelvic bone farther, core tight and chest lifted. Sit parallel to the ground. Whenever you squat, remember that your knees should not cross your toes. Stand up and lift both the dumbbells, in which you actually train your shoulders. Squat again and then stand up. You need to perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions each.

2. Push Ups with One Arm Dumbbell Row

Hold your body parallel on your toes and arms. Distance between your hands should be a bit more that the distance between your shoulders. Lower your body until your chest reaches closer to the floor. Raise your body back to the initial position and row in with one arm first and another arm next. This completes your 1 repetition. You need to perform 10 repetitions in one set and total number of sets that you need to do is 3. This exercise trains your chest and upper back.

3. Deadlift with Bent Over Row

Maintain a distance between your legs to balance your body. Both the dumbbells should be kept front. Core should be tight and chest should be lifted. Keep your upper back tight. Bend down, keeping your knees soft. As you reach parallel to the ground, return back to the initial position and focus on your hamstring and glute muscle. As soon as you complete 10 repetitions, start another exercise, which is Bend Over Row. Bend parallel to the ground, lift both the dumbbells, squeeze your upper back, release it slowly. Do this exercise in a controlled way. After doing 10 repetitions of Bend Over Row, you complete your 1 set. Similarly, you need to perform 3 sets.

4. Knee Hold Crunches

In this exercise you can train your abs. To do this exercise, lie on the floor, straight. Lift both your legs and hold it, while keeping your knees soft. Hold the dumbbell with both your hands and keep your hands straight. From that position, bring the dumbbell closer to your toes, while squeezing your abs and breathe out. Return to the initial position and repeat the crunch. You need to perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions each.

5. Side Lunge with Side Lateral

Stand with a good distance between both your legs and keep your core tight. Sit on your one knee while taking your hip back and keeping the other knee straight. Return to the initial position and perform side lateral, keeping in mind, that the dumbbells should not go above your shoulder. This is your 1 repetition. Come back to the initial position and lunge using your other leg and again perform side lateral. You need to perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions each.

6. Flat Dumbbell Press with Lying Triceps Extension

To perform this exercise, lie on the floor, with your knees bend. Maintain a nice arch using your lower back. Lift both the dumbbells and bring them down till your elbows touch the floor. Lift the dumbbells again while squeezing your chest and breathe out. After completing 10 repetitions, turn the dumbbells. This time your will train your triceps. Lower the dumbbells slowly, bring them closer to your ears and lift them up. After completing 10 repetitions of this exercise, you complete your 1st set. You need to perform total 3 sets.

7. Lunges with Dumbbell Curls

To perform this exercise, bring your one leg forward and perform the lunge and return to the initial position. Then you will perform the dumbbell curls in which you need to focus on your biceps. Again, perform the lunge and then repeat the Dumbbell Curls. After completing 10 repetitions, bring another leg forward and perform the lunge. Also repeat the Dumbbell Curls similarly. Complete 10 repetitions. Total 3 sets should be performed to get best results.

8. Squat Hold with Front Dumbbell Raises

Stand at a distance of at least 2 feet from the wall. Touch the wall with your back and lower your body till you reach parallel to the ground. Hold the squat position, keeping your core tight. Lift both the dumbbells and bring them right in front of your face. Hold them for few seconds and then lower them. You need to perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions each.

9. Seated Leg Twist

Sit down on the floor, while keeping your lower body bent. Balance using your both hands and keep your core tight. Place a dumbbell on the floor. After that, lift both your legs and bring them together on one side of the dumbbell and without touching the floor with your legs, bring them together on another side of the dumbbell. Repeat the process. Try to do 3 sets with 20 repetitions each.

10. Punches with Dumbbells

To perform this exercise, stand straight, keep your knees soft, core tight and chest lifted. Keep both your hands towards your side and from there, bring a dumbbell in front of your face by twisting it and then bring it back to the initial position. Perform this exercise with another hand also. You should perform 15 repetitions with each hand. Total 3 sets should be performed. 

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