Unboxing and Reviewing Products

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What is Unboxing and Reviewing Video?

An unboxing and reviewing video is exactly what it sounds like. Shot in a vlog style, an un-boxing video is centered on a new product being opened for the first time. A Host explains comprehensive details, pros and packaging of your product.

  • Product will be shown from different angles that you want to unbox
  • Our channel aims to showcase any new apparel, sportswear, fitness equipment, nutritional products or supplement that has launched or you’re planning to launch and focuses on reviewing of those products.


  • How to know the product is authentic? Explain
  • Description of the product – Contains, Composition


  • When the product can be used – before, during, or after workout?
  • Nutritional information
  • How to consume this? How is it different from others ?
  • Importance of using it?
  • Talk about taste, solubility & packaging.
  • Price & where to buy - Cashback offers or Promo codes to get the product at a dis-counted price
For in-depth unboxing and review of your brand products Contact us at info@bodyandstrength.com