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Watch your favorite sports and fitness icons killing it in gyms, training hard, sharing a routine with you, taking a dig into their fuel-food and talking their heart out in all entertaining and informational web-series at

From Padma Shri Deepa Malik to Actor Thakur Anoop Singh to Iconic coaches of bollywood stars - watch all of them unwinding a story here. As icons open up, they reveal inspirational journey, moments of laughter and grilling workout sessions wrapped up together in different web-series. Getting inspired was never so entertaining!

Body and Strength has worked on showcasing real strength of people in the industry whether it is in training, nutrition, exemplary talent, time management with fitness goals or transformation. The journey towards becoming an inspiration is a tough road here. We at Body and Strength know this fact and hence, produce web series which burst the myths, motivate, are examples of jaw-dropping will as well as humanitarian values. Their life and style entertain, educate and empower.

A Day in Life of Fitness and Sports icons of India (series) has been a mega hit with people from all walks of life. This kind of series took a peep into the training schedules, nutrition, sports practice sessions, profession as well as likes and dislikes of iconic athletes in fitness and sports. Celebrity Catch Up series was a fun take on heart to heart interviews and real time training with fitness icons. Similarly, the secret life and tough struggle of IFBB Pros of India was showcased in straight talk with them in one of the popular series.

There is no stopping to our creative team's mind. When the world stopped, in COVID crisis, launched India's first Fitness News Bulletin with incorporated webinars with brands, associations, athletes, trainers and ‘who’s who’ of the industry. If you have a story to tell, send it to us (click here).

We are committed to raise the bars with our engaging webseries in sports, fitness and wellness sector in times to come. Everything from talk-shows to bulletins to biopics to transformations to hard core training - has now come at one platform together at If you are a brand looking for promotion, this could be a media break through to increase your credibility in public perception. Connect with us and click here.

Sports and fitness webseries (click here), are real yet entertain and educate thoroughly. Your daily quest for inspiration, motivation and fitness mantras will now find solace at one place. Choose your binge from variety of Body and Strength webseries. Don't forget to throw on your fitness gear, because this is world's healthiest binging ever!