Are carbs harmful for your weight loss journey? Are they really a hindrance in your strength goals? What is the importance of having carbs and protein in your diet. After all, both are part of mankind's staple nutrition plate! There has to be some special benefit which they bring. If that is the case, why people are so prejudiced about having them or not having them? These videos bust the myths about carbohydrates and protiens. The eye opening line-up of myths are presented by experts like Chirag Sethi (Managing Director, Classic Fitness Academy) and Bindu BajajBajaj (Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant). Watch these videos as it is time you start trusting your carbs and proteins, trusting your body's need to supplement protein for coping with the lack of enough protein through food. Both are equally important macros.

  • 5 Major Myths On Carbs – If You Haven’t Watched it! You have lost the Battle!

    Bindu Bajaj, a nutritionist, wellness consultant and a yoga exponent specializing in weight-loss, weight management and lifestyle disorders at bodyandstrength.com busts major myths on carbs. What people have been believing and how their misbelief is killing their chances of creating a balanced lifestyle and a healthy body? Watch this video to know it All!

  • Protein Myths that are Messing with Your Diet by Dr. Chirag Sethi

    Dr Chirag Sethi revealed the protein myths on which many people still believe!