• Mitushi Ajmera's Journey From 87 KG to 58 KG - Episode 1

    Mitushi Ajmera is an ISSA certified Fitness Coach. She is also a sports nutritionist. She is EREPS registered Pilate instructor as well. In this video she shares her journey from an 87 kg mother of two to a 40 plus year old model in this video.

  • Dr. Neelam Jindal's Age-Defying Transformation Story – Episode 2

    It is often said that it is very difficult to lose weight after a certain age and age more than often becomes a mental barrier to start a rewarding fitness journey. 47-year-old Dr. Neelam broke those barriers and here, she shares her wonderful transformation with all of us in this episode of Real Life Transformers.

  • How Neeyru Sharma Won Over PCOD! - Episode 3

    Neeyru Sharma is one of the real transformers who believes in putting health first to lead a happy life. In this episode she proudly shares her story and hurdles.

  • Fitness Becomes Work, Work Becomes Life: Rashmi Raghuwanshi

    Watch Episode – 4 of Real Transformers which features Rashmi Raghuwanshi’s story of determination. She broke all the barriers to establish her dream of not only a healthy and fit body but also becoming an entrepreneur owning a fitness studio in Gurugram.

  • Rosie Transformation will Push You to Change Against All Odds!

    If you think your circumstances do not support you, if you think those who changed, had it all then think again! In episode-5 of Real Transformers, meet Rosie, mother of a toddler, she had all the challenges any normal woman has. She made herself fit against all odds.