• A Good Personal Trainer Files - Episode 1

    Vinay Sangwan is a dependable personal trainer who has trained varied clients of different body types and clinical conditions like paralysis and cancer. He does it with compassion and passion both and that is what perhaps makes him one of best fitness coaches in India. Watch Episode – 1 of series and get inspired!

  • Matin Shaikh: Fitness is Not A Complicated Routine

    A Good Personal Trainer, Episode – 2 features Matin Shaikh, a very popular online fitness trainer with over 1100 clients till now. He shares his journey and his passion for training people and guiding them in the right direction to embrace fitness as a simple habit and not as a complicated routine. Watch the video to know how he does that.

  • Clients Success is The Real Reward: Manish Ruhail

    Manish Ruhail is a very popular award winning fitness trainer. He shares his journey and his passion for his profession in this episode of the series – A Good Personal Trainer Files.