Fitness Career Series with Chirag Sethi is focused on giving you all the important information regarding a career in personal training, career as a nutritionist and a career in gym management. These three pillars when managed well in the right directions make a strong and successful foundation for a rewarding career in the filed of fitness and sports fitness as well. First episode focuses on answering all facts related to a career in personal training, second episode reveals the ways in which you can make a career as a nutritionist, who all can opt for such careers. Last but of course, the most enterprising of all - gym management, Chirag has got it all covered for your in this unique informational series at bodyandstrength.com.

  • Career Growth as a Fitness Professional -Episode 3

    Episode-3 of Fitness Career Series with Chirag Sethi (Founder and Managing Director of Classic Fitness Academy) focuses on career growth as a fitness professional. Watch the episode access the knowledge bank to progress in fitness industry.

  • Career As A Nutritionist - Episode 2

    Whenever you fall sick, there is one advise which every doctor gives you and that is to improve your diet. We all know this mantra of 70% diet and 30% exercise which equals good health. We talk of nutraceuticals and supplements, but in this video Dr. Chirag’s focus is on career as a nutritionist.

  • Personal Training as a Career - Episode 1

    An opportunity to know it all about personal training career, the latest and prevalent information as Chirag Sethi (Director, Classic Fitness Academy) answers all FAQs in this video on the career avenue of a personal fitness trainer.