Mr. Kaizzad Capadia

Mr. Kaizzad Capadia

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Known as the Iron Man of India, and in every sense, the Nations Strength Coach, Mr. Capadia is the Co-Founder & Director of K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences - a school that prides itself in building careers for all aspiring to be Personal Trainers / Sports Nutritionists/ Fitness professionals.

Over the past 2 decades, Mr. Capadia has been on a mission to educate the nation at large about the often ignored and misunderstood component of fitness – 'Musculoskeletal Strength'.As the country's foremost authority on the science of Strength Training, Mr. Capadia's forte lies in the Bio-Mechanics of lifting.

A nationally ranked competitive Body Builder himself, Mr. Capadia is the biggest proponent of the Body Building Lifestyle as mankind's ONLY Anti-Ageing solution.He is the one credited with making weight training/strength training popular amongst women. He sincerely believes in Women Empowerment through the acquisition of physical strength.

He has also been spearheading the Nutrition for Performance movement and is considered as one of the foremost authorities on Sports Nutrition & Nutritional Supplements in the country.

Mr. Capadia is the Senior Vice-President of the Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Sector Skill Council and also a Board Member with the Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council under the National Skill Development Corporation, and the only Board member to represent the Indian Fitness Industry at the Sector Skill Council, for establishing Qualification Packs and their National Occupational Standards. He is also Executive Director of Neulife Nutrition Systems Pvt. Ltd.

He has been conferred with prestigious awards like FEA (2018 and 2019), Rotary UHFF Fitness and Wellness Award (2019), The Economic Times Champions of Fitness 2017-18, 2016 Leaders Awards in the Education Sector by 24 MRC, Nutraceutical & Health Awards, Education Leadership Award, Pride of India-2016 and many more.

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  • shilpi kalra

    Hello sir , Presently i am working in a gym as a sales head from 5 years of experience now i want to upgrade myself but i am not getting what can i do to upgrade my profile so that i can do better for my future . can you please suggest me

  • Mr. Kaizzad Capadia

    Dear Shilpi,
    Working as a sales executive in a gym since the past 5 years, ideally gives yiu the work experience that could move you forward to a position of Club General Manager. 
    But, I am guessing here that you want to move towards a Fitness Professionals job profile. There are broadly 2 different job profiles - Personal Trainer and GroupX Instructor. It depends on your talents as to which one will be more suitable for you. 
    In order to switch to a Fitness Professionals job profile, you must seek out proper education and get thoroughly trained and qualified for the job. 
    There is lots to explain, and hence I would request Body & Strength to arrange a meeting with you over video conference. I will then be able to councel you on your career better.
    You will be informed, by the team once the date and time is confirmed.