• Face of Eugenics Nutrition – Rahul Bhatt

    Bodyandstrength.com host Shona Rajput works out with Rahul Bhatt and weights instantly became lighter with the energy. Rahul’s patient and lighter with the energy. Rahul’s patient and strategic approach is perhaps, what sets him apart.

  • The Power Bank of Power Lifting – Vikram Singh Phogat

    This video coverage is power-packed with Vikram Singh Phogat’s insights and knowledge on powerlifting. Not only this he demonstrates how to do squats, bench press and deadlift elaborating every detail, you might have missed before. Do not miss this video to enthuse power in your game!

  • Powerful Powerlifting Secrets by Manoj Manohar More

    All those people who are addicted to heavy powerlifting or weightlifting will find the information given by legendary powerlifter Manoj More very useful. Otherwise also the exercises he explained are instrumental in building the bulk up, increasing strength and keeping you fit in one go. Watch him action!

  • Rajendra Dhole – The ‘Tiger’ Trainer

    Rajendra Dhole prefers to be called a Fitness Trainer instead of a celebrity trainer. But truth is that trainers are the true celebrities who give direction and shape to an individual’s fitness journey. Rajendra’s interview with bodyandstrength.com gives you a peek into his life and choices.