Vinata Shetty

Vinata Shetty

Vinata Shetty is a Reebok Master Trainer and Rehab Trainer from Mumbai.


    ACE certified, Crossfit Level 2 Trainer.

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  • Here’s Why Cross Fit will Get you Better! – By Vinata Shetty

    People generally have an impression of Cross Fit training as rather rough one and hence, we do often find people steering clear of it when it comes to workout. But it is other way round, it is fast and it is fun. In this article, Vinata Shetty tells you how!

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  • Women and Weight Training by Vinata Shetty

    Weight Training is not a Masculine thing! How far can we go with our gender distinction. Weight training is absolutely important for women all the more given the amount of strength they need to multi-task whole of the day. Vinata Shetty guides you through in this article.

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